We tend to believe our power comes from external factors like monthly income, relationships, etc. Some of these things do produce satisfaction for sure, but real personal power comes from within.

Each person is born with a unique energy signature that is meant to expand over time. I think most problems in our personal lives and in society are because of the suppression of that expansion.

People in positions of power feel threatened and will do anything to maintain their position. Again, they believe they don’t have any power so they must take it from others. At some point they were suppressed and believe this is the only way to re-fuel.

I think we need to spend more effort on developing our own growth process. It is us that does the most damage to ourselves. Awareness is half the battle, action is next.

Have you ever felt stuck or in a rut? Where is your energy being blocked or stopped up? What actions need to happen to open the flood gates?

For me, I thought I was very lucky to have photography. I thought I had it made until I entered the professional world of competition, capitalism, criticism, etc. I would go through peaks and valleys of self doubt to confidence to everything sucks to everything is cool. I thought these cycles were normal.

Then one day, actually not that long ago, I started writing random thoughts and ideas on this site. I felt the flood gates open. I didn’t know that I would like blogging. I don’t know if anything will ever come it, but I do know a new certain type of freedom and flow has occurred. And it has seeped into other areas of my life, including my photography.

Not that I don’t have days of self doubt, but ideas of “good” and “bad” or “success” or “failure” are starting to slip to the wayside. I am feeling not so concerned with “results” and just feeling excited about seeking and discovering, just as it was when I got my first camera.

Everyone’s life experience is totally different. I am just saying if you are feeling stuck or suppressed or blocked or whatever it may be, it could be a matter of trying something new and experimenting. Find the key that will unleash the beast, the beast that is your personal power. And if anyone tries to take it, they will be eaten alive.