Energy Forecast for May 14 – May 21

Another download of things we can maybe expect this week. Everyone is moving at their own pace and some of these messages may or may not resonate with you. But I think if you are reading this, then you gravitated here for one reason or another.

This week is more of the waves from last week. More clearing and more awareness. More clarity. Less up and down, less rough, but just as effective.

It’s subtle this week. Look for signs, symbols, and synchronicities. The landing strip has been lit up for you to land your plane, but you might not be seeing it clearly.

It’s ok though. We’re learning how to surf these waves. It’s ok to bail. It’s just water. This may bring up some fears. You don’t have to engage them today, just look at them in the eyes and see what they want. Take notes.

Most fears have to do with safety which can be discussed. If you are up to it, begin negotiations.

Everything in nature is either growing or shrinking, expanding or contracting. Including you. Enjoy the process.