Imagine a video game. The only control you have in the game is to enter the birthday of your character. Maybe you want your character to roam around with dinosaurs or be part of building the great pyramid of Giza.

At a certain point, you do have little controls. But only really leaving hints and clues hoping that he or she will follow a certain path you are leading them on.

What if the purpose of the game is to see how many levels of consciousness you can get them to?

What if you chose that particular birth date because that particular era of time happens to be the easiest era of time to level up your character? What if that time is now?

What if every time your character levels up, you get more communication and influence over your character?

What if at a certain level you get to merge with your character and be in the game?

What if you are blob of energy and you dropped a tiny droplet of yourself in the game and the purpose is to reunite with your droplet, safe and sound with a lifetime of experience?

What if the purpose of that is to rack up enough experience points to up level in this dimension?