More thoughts on thoughts about the last post I wrote. It was about “time heisting” by bringing in a future reality by way of imagination and integrating the thought patterns of that future reality into this one.

First, to make this happen, we have to lighten the load we are already carrying. We have to make room for this future reality. To do this we have to let go of old molds, records, and patterns.

Second, we are not “going” and “getting”. We are “being” and “receiving”. I think this is important to note because we are always seeking, it’s in our nature. We are “receiving” future thoughts and “being” a future version of ourselves in this now moment, thus reality will have to reshape itself to accommodate us today.

This makes me think this is all about vibration just as much as anything else. That we have moved from an era of, “In order for this to happen, this this and this must happen first.” Now it’s an era of just being in the same vibration as what we want and it will manifest.

I think living a life full of purpose will get us to that vibration easier because at that point you are already thinking, doing, and being at a higher frequency than normal.

You have seen those people that have it all and how things just keep getting easier for them. Could it be they are just operating with supreme focus and purpose? I think so.