In the Avengers: Endgame, they joke about a “time heist” throughout the movie as they go back to different timelines via the quantum realm and collect the infinity stones from the past to use them in the present.

I think we can do our own time heist.

“All is mental” is the first Hermetic Principle, otherwise known as The Cosmic Laws. I was planning to write about these laws soon so I am ahead of myself a bit here. It basically states that our entire universe lives in our minds. In our thoughts.

What if we use our maximum creativity levels and imagine a future version of ourselves. This future version has everything we could ever want and desire. What are this person’s thoughts, habits, and way of life? How does this person eat, sleep, and spend their days?

We can use those thought patterns from the future and bring them to this present moment as if they are our own. Our reality could change as soon as instantly.

Think about how it works in reverse. You remember a shitty time you had on a date and now you don’t wanna go on dates. Your present reality was affected by a memory from the past. What if instead you used a positive near future memory?

Think about how fear plays into our daily decisions. If fear can have that much power over our present moment, imagine what a whole future thought pattern package download could do.

Let’s play with this and share some results.