Got the call today. The call to be open and of service.

On this path to discover more truths of beingness I came across the practice of meditation. It has been a few years now and it has changed my life.

Aside from stress relief and epic moments of peace, I stumbled upon other levels of consciousness.

I made a few YouTube vids about this but have since deleted them for whatever reasons. (May start doing them again.)

Long story short, I have developed a heightened sensitivity and can translate and report on energies and frequencies. I will start sharing these reports here on this blog.

If this type of thing resonates with you and you are looking for personal insights, let’s get on a call for a personalized energy report. Also known as an energy reading, intuitive reading, or spiritual reading.

This is a new thing for me but I have been getting good feedback and feel a new duty to support where I can. Let’s do a 33 min call for $33. Email me.

You might be thinking, “If you’re all other levels or whatever, why haven’t you won the lotto already?” Well, that’s a mindset of scarcity which is a product of this capitalistic matrix of control we live in. While it seems we don’t have the power to change it, we do have the power to change ourselves and influence those around us which in turn will change the world. This awareness is winning the lotto.

But, this matrix is already crumbling as we speak. This means more than half the work is already done. All we have to do now is recognize our power and figure out what to do with it. This is where I think I can help with downloads of wisdom, clarity, gratitude, peace, love, and understanding in the the areas of health, wealth, relationships, and purpose.