May 01 2019


If we are the ocean and the stars, are not the ocean and the stars us as well? Feeling into this hall of mirrors we call reality.

My Grandpa used to say something along the lines of, “When you point your finger at someone, you got 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.” I always took that as meaning if my brother or sister broke something in their house, it was my fault because I was in charge of them since I’m the oldest.

As I got older, I took it to mean that if I was in an undesirable situation it was no one’s fault but my own since I made the choices to get there.

Today a deeper meaning is revealed. If something in my reality is messed up, it is showing me that something within me must be messed up. I wrote about this in other posts already, I know but let’s get into it some more.

When we say things like, “That guy’s too negative.” Sure yeah cut him. That’s usually Chapter 2 in all personal development books. Eliminate negative things. But guess what, you might end up eliminating like 95% of the population, movies, music, art, photography, etc. And this kind of goes against appreciation of creativity and the freedom of expression or just studying the human condition in general.

Maybe the proper reaction is no reaction, just self analysis. If that person is a mirror reflection of you and he is annoying, then maybe he is just showing you about your own annoying-ness. You can avoid this person, sure. But you might keep running into people on a whole other levels of annoying until you figure out how to heal your own annoying-ness.

I’m not saying that after that you won’t run into annoying people, but I’m saying that after that it might not bother you as much. You might meet the situation with a more proper approach like empathy.

Everyone is you and you are everyone. We are all one but we still have to live in duality for now. “I” and “ME” equals “YOU” and “THEM”, yet… we have to co-exist separately to co-create this dream we live in.

I think this is the “neutrality” people speak of when talking about higher levels of consciousness. It is not just about non-judgment, it’s about non-judgment because you are judging yourself.

If we can accept this reality as a dream of one and all at the same time, then maybe it will become more dreamy.

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