There was a couple years in the late 80’s where we would say, “What is?” We used it like how you would use “What’s up?” A lot of slang I used back then didn’t make it through. I still say, “Rad” but I don’t need to use “Yeah guy” or “Feak” which was like “this situation is weak” or “Rooted” which was like someone who is extremely disappointed. Analyzing this now, “Rooted” could be more like “Ruded” like someone was harshly rude to another person. “I honked my horn as she took a sip of coffee and it spilled all over her, so ruded.” “So rut.” “Rut” was like in a rut but in the exact moment of the rutness I guess. “I ran out of gas and while we were pushing the car, I got a flat tire. So rut.” LOL.

It is what it is. What is, is. What is shall be. These are all sayings that I think are keeping us in the matrix. If someone wants to control you, the first thing they would do is take away any power you have or make you believe you didn’t have any in the first place. What if it’s your own mind trying to control you and this matrix is your own belief systems?

Everyone has their own matrix to escape from and it’s a web of learned beliefs, imposed beliefs, generational beliefs, etc. We are in an era of these matrixes falling apart. Do you feel it? It is rough and complicated but what do we want? Freedom. When do we want it? Now.

If we are the creators of our reality and if our reality is a reflection of our being-ness then to really own and honor that creativity-ness the more proper saying would be, “I am what is.”

That acceptance of responsibility is the true path to freedom and from there we are actively participating in the co-creation of all of reality.

I was a dust in the wind guy for a long time, not a victim but more like a target of circumstance. Growing up skateboarding you learn how to fall but you also learn how to pull stuff off. This leads to trying to get away with all kinds of things in life and being fine with making it or bailing or slamming. Like that Katt Williams skit, “Trying shit and trying shit, don’t work. Trying shit and trying shit, don’t work.”

It’s not helpful to be all Yoda about it either, “There is no try, only do.” Also the underdog vibes of “Keep going till you get there,” is only halfway helpful.

I think the new new for me and you is accepting that you are right now exactly where you are supposed to be. The idea being that from a different perspective, you are either in or not in alignment. Alignment is when your mental body, physical body, emotional bdoy, and spiritual body are all on the same page. If you are not in alignment then this now moment has a take away for you to learn from and adjust accordingly.

Also consider that the articulation of exactly where you really want to be needs to be re-examined.

A quote from Kappy that he heard somewhere, “Heaven is this very moment. Hell is wanting it to be something else.”

This quote resonates because you can reverse engineer it. If all I am is what all is, then there is no something else. I am heaven. We are heaven, we are paradise.

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  1. fern

    Wonderful thoughts and perspective Ray. Glad I gave this a read at the beginning of my day, thanks a lot.

  2. rzz

    Thanks Fern! Glad you like!

  3. ❤︎ your thoughts about life Ray – we are all in the same waka (māori canoe)

  4. rzz

    Awesome, thanks Chris!