Apr 03 2019


This is Michelle. She loves McDonald’s and Sonic the Hedgehog and I’m guessing she made that tshirt. She’s very talented.

Feeling extra wordy these days, been gone too long.

I could’ve been blogging from my phone the whole time. The laptop is not necessary for updating this website, yet I prefer it.

Did I just flop into philosphical nugget on accident? Is life a continuum of desires, separations, and preferences?

I knew I wanted to write about minimizing my crap today. I’m moving. Again.

But I didn’t realize the role of preference in all this.

Everything around you is around you because of preference.

Throwing away something that has zero preference in your life will leave zero feeling of separation.

And vice versa, getting rid of something that has major preference in your life will cause a major feeling of separation. You can anticipate that sepration which is why it’s hard to get rid of.

I guess its my version of Marie Kondo. She will ask if an object brings her joy or not. I am asking if an object has more or less preference than another object assigned to the same duty. LOL.

On another level though, we can say our desires are driven by levels of preference with levels of separation.

In other words, your preference in options combined with the depth and angle of separation will reshape and sharpen what you want.

This really looks like a discussion synonymous with seeking pleasure and avoiding pain and how our decisions are heavily influenced by these factors. Turns out I am not dropping any new philosophy bombs.

Ok then. I can type on my laptop and I can type on my phone, I can do the job of writing on both. The phone wins in portability. The laptop wins because of the keyboard. It’s a tie, so neither is going in the trash today.

(Writing this on my phone now, k thanks bye.)