I’m way off schedule. Not off course though. Moving sucks is what it is and all my stuff is either being boxed up or in the storage unit already.

So I gotta adapt. This site is built on WordPress and the Android app is usable finally. This post is being made on my phone right now, while eating dinner and watching “The Interview” with Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Big whoop, I know. But working like this is new to me, it reminds me of when I switched from desktop setup to a laptop.

At this rate, pretty soon all my work will be on my phone, I feel it coming. I edited this photo on my phone with an app called Snapseed.

My online store can be updated with Shopify app. There are multiple pdf layout apps so I can still make zines and books. Google drive for files.

Shipping stuff not so much. Actually scratch that, new printers have blue tooth, so I could create postage and print it from my phone. All bases are seemingly covered.

I’m going to try to see exactly how far I can go with this. I’ll keep you posted.