This is Reuben. He was visiting from NYC and is an awesome photographer and regular contributor to Hamburger Eyes. I am bummed this exposure came out so bad. But we had fun going to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It happens to be 4 blocks from my place and I had never been.

“When we ain’t singing, we bringing drama.” – 2pac

2pac is my favorite rapper and this quote just popped in my head. That’s how these blogs start. It’s actually not a lyric, he just says it all pissed off when he’s threatening all other rappers in the song, “Hit Em Up.”

It reminds me of SF. I’m a super mellow person but I have a rowdy bunch of friends up there. I never thought that we “bring drama” but I overheard in a bar more than once, “How does Ray even hang out with these people?” Meanwhile Hong is getting kicked out, Mike has someone in a head lock, and Monkey is about to take off all his clothes.

It also reminds me of a message I been getting a lot recently. I call these messages “downloads” and they come through my intuition, these messages may or may not be from another dimension.

“Sing your songs. Everyday.” That’s it. I get it usually when I am tripping about life in general. I’m not a musician. I’m a photographer, scratch that, blogger. I interpret this message as, “Quit tripping. Make photos and zines and blogs. Everyday.”

To be honest, I am always stressing on how to sell more stuff per month. This message is basically telling me to quit selling and start singing. Everyday.

It’s comforting to simplify it like this. Go back to the joy of making things. And just assume it will all work out if I write new songs. Everyday. That’s it.