More talk on productivity. In order to hit some of these goals this year, I got to take inventory on my habits. Going to need some new ones and cut some old ones.

Most of these habits aren’t even conscious ones. For example, I wake up and pee and brush my teeth first thing in the morn. It’s automatic. We have all kinds of these programs and apps running all day long.

Since we only have so much brain capacity to deal with a certain amount of decision making per day, almost all of these programs have to run in the background, in our subconscious. Some of these programs are seemingly small, like blinking. Others are massive, cultural, and ancient, like worthiness.

So how do we access the subconscious to delete certain programs and install new ones?

This is pretty much encapsulates the entire study of personal development, I prefer the term “self-mastery”. I’m going to start sharing these books I been reading because obviously I can’t explain it good.

One thing that is interesting is our brain’s capacity for tasks at a time. Don’t quote me on this, we can only think about and do max 7 major things at a time. Let’s say 5 in average. Since I have been stressing about my health, I am constantly thinking about what to eat, what time to eat, and going for groceries. If I am thinking about these 3 things all day, guess what now my brain is running at less than half capacity.

Obvious “hacks” would be food prep on a Sunday for the entire week and make an eating and shopping schedule. Making these changes is like reprogramming my diet app. I think consciously “sticking to the program” for at least a few months will then make it available for auto pilot and inserted into the subconscious, thus making it a new habit.

Steve Jobs wore the same turtle neck everyday because he knew that was one less decision that had to be made, leaving more brain power to do other things. In other words he had a very beefy priority program and a light weight mini wardrobe app.

So in summary. To crack this nut shell of 2019 goals, we need new habits. To get new habits, we need new programs and apps. To access these program files, we need legit self awareness. That is using our brains consciously to influence the subconscious.

After writing all this I am certain we have programs to resist inquiry and avoid change. It’s going to be a long night.