Years ago, during a morning cleaning up after a long night partying, my room mate got pissed finding a bunch of half drunken cans, “Who’s coming over and sandbagging their beers?!”

I always like when someone uses “sandbag” in a sentence. I understand the sandbag. I can relate to it. Not in the sense of half drinking a beer, but in the sense of just chilling.

When I first moved to LA I remember telling someone that I now only have 2 modes, “chill mode” and “chill mode deep”. I was proud of it.

But now I see that I was trying to be a spectator. We are meant to experience new and exciting things, not just a handful of times but all the time. We are not a bag of sand sitting and watching from the bank of the river, or at the bottom of the river, or trying to dam up the river and steer it in a different direction. We are the river.