Since my car died, I been riding my bike everywhere. I went to the post office and noticed this electric bike parked in my spot.

At first I thought about how lazy it is to ride one of these and how it defeats the purpose of exercise, but then I looked this little guy up. Turns out he gets a 15 mile range on one charge with a top speed of 15 mph. That is pretty legit for $500.

I live approx 7 miles to the beach and it’s a nice little exercise mission. But usually turns out to being a big chunk of my day. I go and shoot photos, have lunch, go for swim maybe, then ride back. (I haven’t been doing this much lately since it’s rainy and cold.) This e-bike could cut that time in half. But will cut probably 100% of my exercise, that is if I don’t pedal at all and just use the electric motor.

I probably will not buy this. But taking inventory of time spent, it’s curious to see where I can shave off some time for more productivity.

Another post about scheduling, this will not be the last. LOL.

3 responses to “EVs”

  1. I feel you man, my car just shit the bed as well. Back to the bike life…I hate riding it to work in the morning but the exercise is a plus I guess. It saves me some money as well. They’re my kryptonite

  2. Tom

    I meant to say *cars are my kryptonite lol.

  3. rzz

    Haha yep. Actually, I have been wanting a scooter since traffic is so gnarly here in LA. But you have to have a motorcycle license plus insurance and registration. For all that I might as well just stick to a car. But electric bike seems like a possible solution. Have that for errands, car for work stuff, and regular bike for exercise and beach missions.