This is Jimmie. He grew up skateboarding with my cousin in Chula Vista, so I’ve known him since he was little. He still is little to me and now we are in our 40s. He is a talented cinematographer.

Still working on planning out my entire year. I don’t really like it, it feels un natural. But I know if I do stick to a schedule I can make my days more productive. And that’s the point right? Put together some good days, weeks, and months and then you have a good year. Stack a bunch of those together and then boom a great life.

Sounds easy enough, but my life is usually all over the place. Being your own boss you get angsty, like I can wake up whenever I want and do anything at any time and no one can tell me what’s what. But that’s just not productive and some sort of structure is needed. Yes, I am just learning this now. I am a late bloomer you could say.