This is Jason. He is a longtime friend, photographer, painter, sculptor, and teacher. He has massive amounts of work. Sometimes I don’t understand how he has the time to make it all.

I think while we all have criticism and judgement, we also have some cynicism. And I think cynicism is the primary enemy of creativity. Jason is a rare one of my friends who is not cynical, or at least that I know of.

Thinking about how much work I plan to make this year. There will be zero time to complain or second guess anything. Of course I want to make good work, but I will have to trust my instincts to hit some of these deadlines. Which in a sense is freeing because it will be fun at least, regardless how it comes out.

So today I am thinking about how discipline is somehow related to creative freedom. They say it takes 10,000 hrs to master something so you should be working on your craft minimum 4 hrs per day. Let’s get to work.

(Trying to put out 1 issue of Hamburger Eyes per month, we have 3 other books coming out, and some fairs and events.)(That is as of right now, could be more later.)