I was thinking about how we have tendencies to shut out certain things in life that we don’t want to deal with specifically at this point in time. Like just not going to look at these bills right now.

But how can I edit this? There exists a timeline where all my bills are paid easily and on time. Can I bring that timeline into this one?

When you are writing something, you are writing it as yourself and you can consider the piece of writing as a timeline. When you are reading it back, especially if you are writing for public consumption, you are reading it as yourself but also as the intended reader. Which could be multiple personalities like your parents, your friends, your clients, etc.

Reading it back as all these different entities is loosely a metaphor for existing in multiple dimensions at once. And what happens next is you starting changing words, deleting sections, and editing with a purpose thus changing the timeline or, merging a future timeline with the present one.

I am overthinking it, I know. To pay bills easily and on time is a simple formula of increasing income and lowering expenses. Also we go into predictive mode all the time with driving directions, invites to kook holiday parties, random food spots, etc. We make educated guesses about if something will be worthwhile or not.

But, if we go into hyperspace mode we can see the habits and lifestyle of our future wealthy self and then try to incorporate those habits and lifestyle choices into this present timeline. Now we are on to something.

My last post was about getting new habits to reach new goals. But I know just coming up with new random habits isn’t the complete answer.

Here’s Albert Einstein saying it.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. “

Wishing you a Happy 2019. May all your wildest dreams come true.