Turns out there are 2 ways of thinking about density. The first way is physically. Water forms a block of ice, then melts to a liquid, then evaporates into a cloud.

The second is consciously. A frog or spider may have likes and dislikes, but do they have an inner awareness of right or wrong? What about a plant? What about an Earth human?

So we add up these 2 ways of “being” and we have these levels of density. Some say there are 8 levels. We started out as a particle of light and billions of years later here we are in the 3rd density. What will the 4th density look like?

There is a lot of talk on the internet of humans evolving and making the jump to the 4th density. The “ascension”, the “awakening”, “dna activation” are some of the terms being used.

It is of particular interest because some people believe that time is now. Telepathy and other psychic abilities, access to the 5th dimension, and etheric properties in our actual physical bodies are some of the features people are mentioning available to us as a 4th density being.

Since I started meditating about a year or so ago, I for sure have noticed a new access to something indescribable which is why I have been seeking so much info about these subjects. Are any of you experiencing any upgrades?