This is Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. It was pretty good, I hadn’t seen it before. I watch 1 or 2 movies every night to wind down the day. My gf doesn’t like TV shows that much. Or documentaries, or anything with violent crimes, or horror. So we stay in the action or adventure or comedy or romance genres.

She had seen this before and warned that this was a dark version of the Robin Hood story. I was like, “How?” but we watched it and she was right.

This one is from Cowboys and Aliens. I think this is a great story. This is Harrison Ford here, but the casting of Daniel Craig was an odd choice. While he can for sure play a tough guy, having him play a boss cowboy wasn’t a good match. In fact in both of these movies, they shouldn’t have even attempted fake accents. They could’ve wrote it that he was visiting from the UK and ended up out west. It could’ve worked since he has amnesia in most the movie. Jason Bourne style.

And in Robin Hood, Kevin Costner is in a prison for like 5 years and returns home to find out it has been taken over by the Sheriff of Nottingham. They could’ve said he was in prison in the USA and that’s how he lost his accent.

In movies they portray aliens as these disgusting insectoid type of beings but with advanced technology. If they are so advanced, I don’t think they would look like that. Think about human evolution. We are less hairy than Neanderthals probably because we developed clothing. Our eyes got worse probably because we don’t have to hunt and the invention of glasses.

But for sure there are probs tons of different species of ETs and what do I know. What I do know though is that if you have the kind of technology that allows you to travel interdimensionally, then there is no way possible that Earth humans could or would ever be a threat.

Photo notes: We watch movies from a projector. The blinds that came with our apartment are roll down white screens that turn out to be perfect for projection. That wood thing at the top is an awning to cover the roll up system. That dark thing on the left is our front door painted brown. Sometimes it is hard to get a photo without getting the shadow of my hands and phone in it. Also, the projector doesn’t have a sound auxiliary output. It has a speaker on it, but it is kind of quiet. So we run the subtitles with the movie. My parents watch Game of Thrones with the subtitles on because they can’t understand the thick accents so much. I watched with them and it changed the game for me. Reading the dialogue brings me into the story even more. If it is available, I will put the subtitles on everything now.

Speaking of reading. I grew up learning from older photographers that printing and processing photos helps shape the way you shoot photos. And vice versa. This is why I am constantly making zines and printing out my photos. It helps my shooting and my shooting helps my printing and it goes around and around.

I didn’t realize until a few days ago that this applies to reading and writing. Instinctively, you can guess that reading a lot will help your writing. But I am finding out that writing is helping me read better. Reading speed is a lot faster. Concepts and ideas from authors are absorbed quicker and I just enjoy it more. I have been enjoying reading for a couple years now, but lately I can’t get enough. And I think it is because I have been writing a bunch.

Anyways, I don’t know if my movie breakdowns are that interesting and I don’t even know who, if anyone, is reading this. But, I wanna start a daily writing habit and it will probably be live and in public here on this blog. I am always thinking, “What should my blog be about?” and “I will just post my random thoughts and photos until the day when an idea comes.” Well that day came today. This blog will be about my random thoughts and photos. LOL.