** NEW CAMERA ALERT ** Not usually a big deal. But I have been thinking about Micro Four Thirds for a while now. And I wanted to share why I ended up going this route.

First is size. I have a Nikon D750 and a bunch of Nikon lenses. And while I do try to take it out a bunch, it is just not convenient to bring to the beach or on a bike ride. So everything gets shot on my phone. In fact I would say 95% of this blog has been shot with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. I don’t mind it, I love it. But I miss having a viewfinder and lens options.

Secondly, price. I already have the Nikon setup for “work”, now I just need a setup for “cruising”. I didn’t want to spend too much. This is for out and about and might get thrashed. Of course I was looking at Sony full frame and APS-C and the Fujis. Both systems are not that much different than Nikon prices when you factor in lenses. So if we look at cameras under $1000, we really only have the Ricoh GR II or the 1″ sensor cameras or.. M43.

An M43 set up seems to be the perfect match for me. Size is right, price is right. Viewfinder check. Lens selection check. In fact the lens selection is epic, but I just need a couple cheap pancake options and I’m good. I went to go handle the Panasonics at Samy’s Camera Store which is not far from my house. I wanted to compare the GX9 to the GX85. Right away I liked the look and feel of the GX85. They had an open box one for $100 cheaper than normal plus $200 rebate. Grand total $350 out the door with kit lense and tax, I had to pull the trigger.

I will probs talk about this camera a lot. I already picked up another lense for it. I have had it for 2 days and I love it. In my opinion for size, shape, and price it might be the best pound for pound camera out right now. Even if it is a couple years old.

** Side Note. When my friend Ted was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors told him to stay out of the darkroom so he went digital. He got an M43 setup and I got to play with the files. I was impressed. We have published a bunch of the photos in Hamburger Eyes and I have seen and handled some of his 16×20 prints he made for exhibition. They looked awesome. Also, one of our last conversations before he passed away was about this particular camera. So there is some sentimental value.