My fantasies about being a blogger are starting to manifest themselves. I have been writing articles on the Hamburger Eyes site and have been getting good feedback. Not a lot of comments but some emails, texts, mentions, and DMs. I have been writing about photography and publishing. You could say that I have been blogging since 2003 with that site, but not until recently did I start “writing” “articles.” I feel like I have excavated not a new skill or talent but new pleasure? Does that sound pervy? I guess I am trying to say I have been enjoying it.

I would like to start writing articles on this site. Not sure what about yet. My Youtubes hover in the self-improvement/human potential category but I think that will be expanding soon as I start interviewing people and make a show out of it. I think from there I will be able to narrow focus. For now, more photos and philosophizing out loud.