My brother got a gig testing recipes for another chef’s cookbook that is about to come out. I guess it is normal for chefs and restaurants to put out recipe books but never test the recipes and then when the customer tries to make a dish it turns out like shit and they leave a bad review. According to Dave this happens all the time. So all the legit recipe book people will pay cooks like my brother to actually cook the food as per directed and then give notes on what works and what doesn’t. Anyways, more free food for me. I went to go borrow a camera from him and ending up having a nice meal. He made a spaghetti with 3 types of nuts in the tomato sauce. It was trippy and delicious.

His girlfriend has a Tanuki statue. This is an old Japanese character that is a drunk raccoon with gigantic balls. I guess the bigger the balls, the more inviting and awesome he is. When I was in Japan for 2 weeks, I spent most of my time looking for these statues and couldn’t find them. Maybe they are banned? Dave lived in Japan when I was visiting, and after I left he said he searched everywhere in multiple cities for like 6 months and couldn’t find any for sale.