Not sure why, and I know I have mentioned this before, but I think blogging or being a blogger is probably the coolest job. So when I am not updating my blog it feels like I am totally lagging on my dreams.

I know bloggers aren’t blogging about their day to day lives like this, but its practice for me just in case something goes down and I have to be a blogger all of a sudden.

I know bloggers are blogging about a specific niche or particular topic like hiking or bitcoin or some shit. For me I thought it would be cool to do camera reviews or even more recently maybe book reviews. It could still be. Did you think the name of this site is an accident?

Nowadays though the hype is being an “influencer” or “vlogger”. But you still have to have a website/blog to link to sell your services or merch or whatever. So in the end it’s still about blogging.

Sometimes you make mistakes. I thought I could do stuff without social media and deleted it all a couple months ago. But as I get older that laptop lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing. So if that means more internet marketing then more internet marketing coming right up. Stay tuned for more experimenting.