I had to go to LA for the opening of a photo show we hung in the offices of Super Deluxe. On the way up I pulled over for gas and posted this photo in my insta stories. So many people commented and dm’d me about this photo. Kids that were from this area which is I don’t even know, north of Long Beach I think. Anyways, how random that this photo has had the most action in my insta story mode so far.

They got a keg for the office! And a lot of them had never done a keg stand before. It was fun. But it was an office party, so it ended early. 

Back to the hotel. Monkey was in town for one night too. We shared a room. Here he is eating a burrito.

Then we went to Hop Louie.



Breakfast. This food is good for sure, but I think I like coming here because I saw Marisa Tomei one time before. Also, there is a Starbucks on the block.

Monkey had to kill time, his ride to the desert wasn’t done with work till 5pm. So I dropped him off at Jason’s house while I had to go back to San Diego.