We hung 500 photos at our show in February. We sold approx 200 of them. And then 8 months later I went to pick up the rest. This is the trunk but the back seats and front seats were stacked too.

The original idea was to hang 1000 photos. On some retarded math I thought there was enough wall space. There wasn’t.

Because I took so long, of course the frames got buried in art and other things in the basement of the gallery. Here is Fred. He is holding a box of our posters.

The Paperworks guys had a booth at Complexcon. I brought them some zines and some of these framed photos. After it was all done for some reason Mike returned all my stuff to Nick over at Little Big Man Gallery. This bear was in the hallway when I came to pick up.

Quick visit, Nick was busy and had to catch a flight to Paris for a book fair.