I was sitting at my table at the SF Art Book Fair a few months ago when I overheard 2 photographers talking about another photographer. One of them asked, “When is he going to graduate from making zines?” and I am guessing that translates to something like, “When is he going to make an important book, or have an important gallery show, or do some important commercial work?..”


This is what I am supposed to be doing is how I feel about it. If they had asked me.


I have probably mentioned Daido’s quote on this blog already but here it is again. He said, “My work isn’t finished until it is on the printed page.” This wraps up the whole topic for me.


I got 2 new zines and they will be free. Actually all my zines from now on will be free, edition of 50, and will ship with orders from – http://zinekong.com