I went to New York again for the annual New York Art Book Fair. It is always fun, stress, overwhelming, lucrative, and necessary. I love it. I posted most of the photos on the Hamburger Eyes insta (@hamburger_eyes) and my insta (@rays_reports) and I was going to repost them here but nah. Here’s just a few extras.


This year we got a little piece of wall. I was psyched to hang up some of my laser pages. This is my favorite jam right now.


Near the Moma there was a strike happening.


We were coming home from a bar and my brother and I started snapping this bush. Some guy walking by was saying that these flowers are only open because of the full moon and that by morning time they will all be closed up. I didn’t believe him. These are just Morning Glory flowers right? They open regardless of full moon and some are day time and some are night time. Right?


This is what it looks like from behind the table in a rare moment of not helping someone or answering questions.


Dave is making breakfast.