Not much going on lately. I was out of town for June and most of July and then spent this past month just trying to catch up. I am about to go to New York and it’s time to dump photos to clear space on my phone. Here are some highlights from August that didn’t make it to Insta or Snap.


Tom Schmidt and Tobin. Big Brothers. Tobin had a barbeque. It was chill. My friend Keith used to say, “Come over we’re barbequeing, but we’re not having a barbeque.” Basically saying come over, but don’t tell anyone. I get it, that’s why we we’re friends. He also used to say, “I hate surfer girls, but I love girls who surf.” He also used to say he hated Eminem but you get in his car and he is full blasting Eminem.


I actually started “running”. What helps a lot is that I got into audio books. If you speed up the speed, you can blast through 1 or even 2 books in a day. It has changed everything for me. Anyways, lately the running has turned into walking but I soak more of the book in this way and also can get some photos off. Triple tasking. * Notice the decline in my snaps though, it’s because the audio stops when I open the snapchat app and doesn’t start back up on its own. Bummer.


I go on at least 2 or 3 walks a day. This includes post office, staples, groceries, etc. I hardly ride my bike anymore unless going to the beach. * Note that my car died in December, so yes my legs are getting buff.


There’s a song called “Shattered Dreams” by a band called “Johnny Hates Jazz”. It ended up on 2 different playlists I made recently. I usually don’t like doing that, but it just has that multi dimensional multi situational vibe.


This isn’t a Corgi, but makes me think of a Corgi I thought of named “Mr. Corgi.”


Sandy and cucumber.


Jamie came over for the Nate Diaz vs Conor Mcgregor fight. I would say one of the most exciting fights I have ever seen. Well worth the money and can’t wait for the 3rd match.


Fake ass baby cop training.


Crackhead campground.


Electrical box camo.


I like low to the ground couches but maybe this is too much. Nah, I take that back. I could chill here. * Note this park in the background is where Snoop got wrapped up in that murder case years ago. Sean Maung told me. Also, when I first moved to this neighborhood, a little over a year ago, my sister said she had read that this is the safest neighborhood in L.A. and then that same week a bunch of streets were shut down because 2 guys with guns were getting chased all over the hood and it ended with someone getting shot and killed here in this park.