This is the scene in Dark Knight Rises where Bane breaks Batman’s back. You saw it. It was good. First, Bane destroys Batman’s bank accounts and whole life and whole city. Then he breaks his back in half. Then he banishes him to this prison at the bottom of a giant pit in Morrocco or some shit where Bane himself once lived and had to escape. Great story. We must all learn how to strengthen our backs up and break out of prison asap is what I learned from it.


Catwoman set it up, now she just watches him almost die. I smiled at Anne Hathaway once at M Cafe. She didn’t smile back, in fact looked super bummed that I even acknowledged her. Whenever I tell my celeb story to anyone, they always talk about her terrible reputation and nightmare status on set. I’m thinking how does one with such a bad rep get any work at all? Maybe she is just very misunderstood. I’ll find out more. Thanks.