This movie was ok. First Class was better. But nothing after X-Men 1 has really captured the magic of that first one. We had to wait a while till Sansa got going, but that’s just her wait till I get going vibes like wait 7 seasons HBO vibes. Professor X hair loss origins was cool. Probably the best part of the movie. Beast was chill, he’s always chill. Too much Raven not enough Mystique. They tried to say in the movie that this why mutants need equality or whatever, so she doesn’t have to hide her real self all the time. But it’s obvious they just want more cute J Law and less shape shifting naked blue alien freaking out. Don’t they know by now that this is all the fans really want. In the comics, she is the mother of Nightcrawler so it was lame they totally dismissed that. I give it a C.