Hello, my name is Ray Potes and I am the editor and founder of Hamburger Eyes, a photography magazine. I am based in California. I have been shooting for a while now and it is time I had my own website. This will be a place to present and organize my photography. I am only getting older and hard drives are crashing all over the place, so at minimum an online backup is kind of nice.

I have had sites before and deleted them. I have tried tumblr and flickr and deleted those too. I have instagram and am getting a kick out of it, but when they made that announcement about owning all the content and the fact that it won’t last forever, I decided I needed a something else.

I have been doing the Hamburger Eyes website since 2003 so the blog format comes natural. I can experiment with weird ideas here now instead of ruining all my other sites. I can import my insta feed so when that dies, I will still have all those photos. I can write about stuff, report on stuff, review all kinds of stuff. This is exciting.

Thanks for visiting,