Oct 22 2016



Not much happening these days. I like it. I got to go to the beach 3 days in a row. That was last weekend though. The weather was warm, the water was warm. Since then its chilled a little and it has rained a couple times this week.


I kicked this box. It was not hollow.


I still ride my bike everyday.


I like lurking around here at night. Venice Beach Pier.

Oct 19 2016

2 NU 1S


I was sitting at my table at the SF Art Book Fair a few months ago when I overheard 2 photographers talking about another photographer. One of them asked, “When is he going to graduate from making zines?” and I am guessing that translates to something like, “When is he going to make an important book, or have an important gallery show, or do some important commercial work?..”


This is what I am supposed to be doing is how I feel about it. If they had asked me.


I have probably mentioned Daido’s quote on this blog already but here it is again. He said, “My work isn’t finished until it is on the printed page.” This wraps up the whole topic for me.


I got 2 new zines and they will be free. Actually all my zines from now on will be free, edition of 50, and will ship with orders from – http://zinekong.com

Oct 16 2016



I like riding my bike from my house to the beach via the LA River bike trail. 


I hope my hair doesn’t come off like this. I don’t think it does. My mom wants me to cut it, but maybe she would like it more if it looked like this. I can’t grow a goatee though. Even if I could grow the hair, I just couldn’t get myself to cut out a goatee. Unless maybe I was doing some sort of costume but I can’t even think of a character that has this facial hair, it’s like I blanked them all out of my memory.


This is right by my house. I see cars all the time, but I never see people.


I wanted at least one of these basketballs. But then was feeling like what if this isn’t a pile of garbage and people are just waiting for the moving truck to pull up.


This is from when I was in New York last month. I smoked a bunch of weed with my brother. I don’t know if you can tell in the photo but that’s a gigantic nug. I hardly smoked in my 30s and now 40s, maybe once or twice a year only, but in my 20s I was an addict. Recently I been having cravings, like maybe it is time to reunite with the plant allies. Everyone I know is holding, and I put the word out on the streets. No one has come through yet..

Oct 16 2016



I think I figured it out guys. I have been feeding my instagram into this blog but am realizing 1. that’s lazy blogging, 2. that’s double dipping, 3. instagram sucks. I was thinking post everything here because it is more fun and insta is becoming too profesh. And then make my insta less personal and just post “photography” bangers there. So the insta will be like a best of this blog instead of the other way around as it has been kind of. That’s a much better idea yeah?

The above photo is from X-Men Apocalypse when Beast is getting got by Psylocke.


Jason moved into a new studio.


I like the penguin.


The front part is retail, the rest is work space.


I got a car now. I’m a driver again and going west during sunset is nice.

Oct 06 2016



Insta deleted my photo of Rich so here’s another one. Fun fact: Rich painted the mural at Sub Palace. Later that week , one of his coworkers added the addidas to the onion. That’s an onion right @richsan?