Oct 24 2022


It is no longer what it is.

It is what I is.

That is, it is what you is. You are paradise.

Sep 26 2022


If all is light, then all is a light show.

Behold the showcase of photons!

Sep 10 2022


I just finished season 1 of “The Bear.” It’s great. The older brother gives the younger brother some cool advice. “Let it rip,” he says in a posthumous note.

I always liked this saying so I Googled it. Apparently in the 1800s when racing a steamboat, the engine would explode or “rip” from all the pressure. What’s cool about the saying is that while there is inherent danger built in, the ripping, there is also a fearlessness, the letting.

So it seems the opposite of fear is not exactly no fear. The opposite of fear is acting regardless of it’s presence. This must be the flow state.

Aug 29 2022


To fulfill it is to empty it. Empty all of it. Like exhaust every nugget of your entire being every day, then auto-refills of the nectar every night.

The nectar is the fulfillment. And the fulfillment is the nuggets.

Aug 16 2022


Honor your words, honor your path.

Words seed your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Honor your words, honor your entire reality.