Jan 09 2020


A lot of books talk about mirrors. How our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality. There is a cycle that we can analyze. We see the mirror, assess it, and then have a feeling about it. We see the estimate of a car repair, we check our bank balance, then frustration occurs. Or, we stand on a scale, realize we’re 15 lbs heavier than last year, then frustration again.

This is where we then take action. We can’t change the mirror, so we make sure there’s emergency money in the bank, adopt a new healthier lifestyle, etc. We are making adjustments according to the info in the mirror. This is our natural understanding of it and how we go about our daily business.

Let’s label it up like this. See the mirror – have thoughts, react to the mirror – have feelings, attempt to change the image in the mirror – take action. Ready, aim , fire.

The real change is to switch up the cycle. Have the feeling first, take action, then have the thought. This is proactive rather than reactive. Aim, fire, ready. This is why there are so many books on being in this now moment, focus, habits, affirmations, etc. It is about micro managing and optimizing what you are feeling at all times.

If you really start “feeling” as a healthy person would (even though you are not yet), you start “being” that person and adopt the lifestyle. This makes real change stick. It is an identity shift. Actions of eating better and exercise begin to occur naturally. Over time you notice it.

Rather than you adjusting to the reflection of the mirror as before, the reflection of the mirror has now adjusted to you. The only thought therefore is gratitude and eagerness for more.

We cannot win a war against reality, we can only create a new reality.

Jan 07 2020


Not sure about you guys but I’m trying to have a productive year this year. Sure there is something to be said about this hustle culture we are in and the idea of having to be productive all the time and how that is causing more stress and fragility in society. But I subscribe to the idea that we can have whatever we want doing whatever we want, which I think means that stress factors would be minimal if you are actually doing whatever you want and making a decent living.

I was just thinking about how we all have goals, we all want to be healthy and prosperous and have awesome relationships. We are all winning at some things and losing at other things. What makes it so easy for some and harder for others?

I think it’s systems. I mentioned it before and will probably keep mentioning them. Our behavioral systems and belief systems need to be re-programmed and optimized. Thoughts, feelings, actions. Focus, discipline, habits. Communications, efforts, etc. Easier said than done. But I think even a 1 percent improvement in any of these areas will go a long way. Our daily mission should be these 1 percents. Maybe gives a new meaning to the phrase “1 percenters”. Let’s get busy. Here’s to a new you in 2020.

Dec 31 2019


Around this time of year I usually say, “May all of your wildest dreams comes true.” I write it in a lot of my messagings as I wish people a Happy New Year. But now I’m thinking that we are not victims of circumstance. We are the creators of reality, so I’m changing it. “Make” all of your wildest dreams come true. Whatever it takes. YOLO.

Dec 30 2019


Sometimes we are lazy or bored or procrastinating or unmotivated. When you dig in a little bit you’ll notice it’s basically an under lying fear holding us back.

We self medicate to numb or ignore the symptoms and the cycle continues. Uproot the fears. Face the dragon. Just do it.

Dec 26 2019


Another year passed, another year downloaded into the data base. How are we going to use that data moving forward? I’m guessing you might have a nudge to do something, make something, get rid of something, move on from something. Let’s get a jump on it early.

Dec 20 2019


Food shelter and safety. Money can buy these things nowadays so we just say “money” when we refer to our needs of survival. Since we know that everything is energy and that energies magnetize, we can say that money is a side product of putting out the proper energy.

Sometimes we think that proper energy is all about action, this is that “hustle” culture that we are living in today’s society. Yet we all know people who don’t have to do much to attain whatever they want and need.

This is why I think it’s only 50% about action. And then I’d say the other 50% is purpose. This is our power structure. Maintain it, fix the leaks, get new curtains, etc. It’s all we got.

Dec 16 2019


The sooner you let something go, the sooner you have a free hand to grab onto something new. Let it go, let it be.

We have to figure out what is holding us back, cut the cord, set it all on fire, and move on.

Michael Jordan famously said that being coachable was his greatest talent. Not jumping, shooting, scoring, competitiveness, discipline, work ethic, etc. This means he was willing to let go of unusable stuff and make room for more functional stuff constantly through learning.

Dec 11 2019


I had a friend the other day saying how “emo” this blog was. I don’t think she was hating but I felt defensive for some reason. I guess for me any kind of label feels like a cage and this blog is about leveling up, which means breaking out of the cage.

I say if life can be better, it’s worth an exploration. It’s worth the discussion. I notice some people don’t like to discuss these topics. “Everything is fine.” What may be happening is we instinctively know that to change our personal reality, we have to change our personality.

That mountain is too much work. That road is too treacherous. Our ego has us all comfy and secure, why even bother. Why not? Is what I’m saying. If you don’t have the house, job, or relationship you want then get your gear together because we are going mountain climbing. Today.

I was watching NBA earlier and Kendrick Perkins was clowning on Richard Jefferson because he was about to call a game. That means he was gonna sit courtside with some other announcers and commentate throughout the whole broadcast. Big Perk was joking about his suit and tie and asked RJ if he was nervous. He replied, “Yeah I’m nervous. If you ain’t nervous, it don’t mean nothing.”

Leveling up is uncomfortable, change is uncomfortable, sorting through garbage is uncomfortable. We do it today so we can be more comfortable tonight.

Dec 11 2019


Another fake paradox. When on this path of self discovery you recognize patterns of abundance and scarcity. You realize these are times of thoughts of prosperity or poverty. So, right away you make efforts to banish anything in your life that will lead to a negative mentality.

This is the paradox though: you will see homeless tents, you will have family members that you have to take care of that have a horrible attitude, you live in an apartment that has all kinds of non human critters running around it, earthquakes, plane crashes, shootings, aids, crack babies, etc. It is a paradox because you have just banished bad thoughts from your life, yet here you are surrounded by it.

You start thinking that one, maybe you haven’t held proper thoughts long or strong enough to change your reality. And two, maybe your thoughts are clouded by some past or future entanglements that you haven’t sorted yet.

Either way this is why it is a fake paradox. Because along the journey you find out that you aren’t making these changes just for yourself. You are making them for your family, your friends, your town, your city, and your planet.

You have come to a point where you now know enough to influence in a positive way. Even if that effort is just a simple hello or a smile. This is not a test of mental fortitude. Your reality will change, but for the purpose of changing the world.