May 18 2022


It’s happening. I’m moving back to my home town of San Diego. It’s like a movie, like I went searching for paradise for a couple decades only to realize it has been here all along. Duh, dude.

Apr 27 2022


Feeling like posting celly pics in color and everything else in bw, let’s see how long this lasts.

Apr 24 2022



Style matters. Appreciationess. Appreciationistic.

Appreciationable. Appreciationment. Appreciationify.

Appreciationism. Appreciationship. Appreciationesque.

Appreciationous. Appreciationical. Appreciationize.

Appreciationance. Appreciationage. Appreciationing.

Mar 06 2022

The Easy

All is well, be well. All is easy, be easy. It is looking like we can no longer worry about other people, places, or things. Our worrying about problems only delivers more problems.

All we can do is adjust our vibration in order to deliver more vibration at all times to all people, all places, and all things. Be the light, be the well, be the easy to whoever, wherever, and whenever it is needed.

Feb 17 2022


Refresh for peace. Rest for love, relax for understanding. Sleep for gratitude and joy.

I think we are in a restoration phase. Like maybe the pandemic was a demolition phase. Maybe not.

Not saying don’t do shit, I’m saying find the time to find the vibe.

Feb 15 2022


What you are seeking is also seeking you.

In rest, summons it. In relaxation, allow it. In reset, arrival.