May 23 2018


I watched the last video and thought I could have expanded more on the topic, so instead of deleting it and recording a new video I decided to just add on to the topic. Everyone is experiencing changes right now, some more than others and some are realizing it more than others. Let’s talk about it.

May 22 2018


Today’s sesh is about intuition. Your connection to the infinite intelligence. You are getting messages, ideas, and wisdom everyday. Maybe it is time you start to honor these downloads.

May 22 2018


LA Pages zine fair this past weekend. I had a good time as usual checking out books and zines and catching up with the homies. And as usual didn’t get much photos. But here are some.

Within the first hour someone bought the giant balut photo and then Greg bought the windbreaker, so there went my whole wall display.

That’s it.

Side note fun fact : years ago there was a show in SF with Hamburger Eyes, 8 Ball, and Deadbeat Club. No one could name the show, so I suggested calling the show “Pages” since we were all publishers. I actually had a section of this website called “Pages” and it was photos of zine pages. Anyways, they were into it and fast forward to now and we have “LA Pages”. They said it was coincidence. Hmmmmmm.

May 12 2018


Everything is energy. Today I talk about frequencies and vibration. How is your vibration today? Sometimes it helps to know and just being mindful of it can be a game changer.

May 11 2018


Showing off my book some more.

Today I came up with the idea for 3 follow up books, each 800 pages. What if I can finish them all by the end of the year? Now that I have a decent place to set up all my stuff spread out and work, I think I can do it. Speaking too soon on this but just thinking out loud.

May 09 2018


New youtube channel! I’m not sure why but I miss having a show. I’ve tried podcasts, a podcast with a youtube, and now just a straight youtube. This one will probs be a mix of vlogs and guests and hangouts if I don’t delete it. I just feel like participating and sharing. This first episode is how and why I started it. Let me know if you’re into it.

May 09 2018


All my gray stuff is upgrading to white. I was supposed to blog every day for the month of May and already failed just a few days in. But, I have been recording videos. Coming soon.

May 03 2018


I haven’t had a good place to stretch out and work in a while, but just got a 1 bedroom with a garage. And the garage is super legit. New headquarters in Castle Heights. I’m gonna try to blog everyday. Let’s ride.