Sep 04 2017


Remember that Danny Devito and Arnie movie where Arnie gets pregnant? So good.

These came out rad. I wrote a fake story about how a frozen object was found in the 1800s, no one knew what it was until the 1980s when this camera was invented. People emailed me saying they couldn’t find the story on the internet anywhere, I’m like duh I made it up.

Mike broke both his wrists. Koby drew the dagger.

Sep 02 2017


My favorite thing is going straight dummie in the streets of SF. I was fortunate to celebrate 3 times the Giants winning the MLB World Series and now 2 times the Warriors becoming the NBA World Champs. If you pay attention to NBA, you’ll know that the Warriors are positioned to win it at least 5 more times. So get ready for lots more.

Aug 19 2017


After Japan, I landed in LA for one night. Then SD for 1 night, then up to SF for a weekend to catch the Warriors win the NBA Finals. On the way I stopped in Santa Monica where Dennis was house-sitting to scoop up Kappy to bring with me.

Straight to the bar with Tony.

It happened to be Laura’s Bday. She might be the tallest girl I ever met.

I quickly fell in love with her friend.

Ended up at a party where a pack of girls took all their clothes off and I shot some of the best photos I have shot in a long time. Not because they were naked, but because the lighting was cool and I didn’t use flash. And it was fun. I asked them in a DM if I could use a couple of the photos in a zine and one of them expressed a huge, “Please don’t.” So, too bad.

I showed this photo to Kappy and he said, “You can have that one.”

Lots of gearing up before the game.

Kristen collects these Mickey Mouse rings.

A tree broke.

Human dookie.


The Mission bus is like being in outerspace.

Krista and Michelle. I’ll make a separate post for the World Champs street party.



People texted me these while I was there.

This is Kappy on the night of the celebration eating walking and raging. Photo by Troy.

See what I’m saying ?? Photo by Sulli.

Stefan got this one. Lots of pre-gaming all over the city.

Sarah sent me this, her Uncle caught it and they ate it.

Michelle and Krista. Love them, some “wya” photos.

Aug 09 2017


I had a great time in Japan. It was my first trip there and I am already trying to book another flight for October, I just need more Japan. Dennis quoted Anthony Bourdain, “There is only life before Tokyo and life after Tokyo.” Or something along those lines. I felt it, I am feeling it.

I spent a week in Tokyo and a week in Yokohama. “Hakbushin” is a raccoon cat looking thing with a long tail. I saw one. I didn’t see the raccoon dog though, “Tanuki”. I couldn’t even find any of those little drunk Tanuki statues with the big long balls, I looked everywhere.

We had an art show. We played video games. We got free clothes. Ate super good food and drank super good sake.

I was thinking it was going to be a big task editing down photos for this Japan post, which is why I have been lagging. But since I already made 3 zines with photos from the trip, I figure I can just highlight stuff from the zines. Too much info, I know. Here you go..

May 17 2017


This is the beginning of Star Trek: Into Darkness when Spock is inside a live volcano about to erupt and he’s like “Fuck it, don’t rescue me.”

I didn’t do such a good job on my teeth over the years. 2 more had to be extracted. And they kept breaking so they came out in pieces. I think I chew weird now. Tell me if I do the next time we go eat.