Oct 01 2020


We don’t need a hero or heros right now. We don’t need leaders or problem solvers. Maybe the world does, I’m talking about me and you, we don’t need that right now. We need ushers. We need ushers to usher in a new era.

We are the ushers. As ushers, we show our guests to their seats. Our guests are new and improved thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Their seats are this planet. We have to act fast. And remember that we are not the bouncer, we are the usher.

I say that because you can’t fight fire with fire. But you can change an environment so much in a way in which that a fire cannot get started, therefore cannot exist.

Sep 29 2020


Beyond logic, beyond physics, and beyond emotion is where your intuition is. It is a connection, like bandwidth, to other realms. And the more you connect, the more that bandwidth expands.

Connect via the heart. You will know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk away, when to run ahead. Pay attention and be a better you. Thus radiate. Thus change the world.

Sep 23 2020

Game Time

Some people hate on sports. I get it. But I like it. Especially NBA basketball. There are hundreds of metaphors for “real” life in there. Joy vs suffering, work vs play, offense vs defense, team vs individual, mental vs physical, etc.

Spectator vs player is what I am thinking about today. This is a great model of dimensions. In the game of life, we are always a player. Born a player, die a player. But a lot of the time, sometimes not even knowing, we go outside our own perspective and take on the perspective of a coach, a ref, or a spectator in the stands.

Even further, through the cameras and into the dimension of the broadcasters and commentators and even past that as the viewers at home on the couch around the world.

All these perspectives make it easy to get lost. This exploration could provide useful analysis to improve our game. On the shadow side it is an escape from this now moment in our game, in this case not useful at all.

This exploration also leads us to the reminder that we were in fact born in the arena and that we are vulnerable. We are in the big game. And it’s go time.

Check ball.

Sep 19 2020


In biz to stay organized we have to compartmentalize. In my case as a publisher I move from creation mode to production mode to distribution mode. This sort of thing helps to focus on the task at hand.

We do this in life too. Work mode, play mode, sleep mode. Another obvious example, family mode vs friends mode. We have a whole set of behaviors around family and a whole other set of behaviors around friends. Sure there’s overlap, but you can see where I am going with this.

Creating these compartments creates a disconnect. It’s nice to know you can deal with something later, it relieves pressure, but with more compartments comes more disconnect. You act one way for one group and another way for the other group thus alienating both groups.

As you get older the walls of some of these compartments dissolve naturally. Work mode blends with play mode, family and friends mix and mingle, etc. But some of these walls strengthen. They beef up and you can’t see over them. You lose vision. Soon after boundaries internalized become externalized. Lines are drawn, territories are colonized.

Self observe and adjust these compartments, save the world.

Sep 15 2020


My friend bought a house in the California Delta. It’s awesome and I been going there a lot this summer. These are photos from first trip on July 4th weekend. Night swimming is my fave, especially under a full moon.

Sep 15 2020


There is that perfect time we are waiting for to pull the trigger, set the timer for detonation, or breach that next level.

Guess what it happened already. It’s been happening. There is no flip to switch, no door to be unlocked, no activation to be activated. You have already been cleared for take off and you are already airborne. You are flying!

This is not about optimization. This is about evolution. Your only mission is to be. Be yourself. Be well. Be easy about it.

Sep 13 2020


You know when you’re sitting there and all of a sudden you get a great idea or solve a problem or have an epiphany or realization or even just a little nugget of wisdom? Some people refer to this occurrence as a “download”. Like it came from somewhere else other than your own mind.

And when you need a great idea or problem solved or an epiphany or realization or little nugget of wisdom, no one talks about this, I call it an “upload”. Like you put it out there and wait, you send an email with proposed questions or desires attached and you sleep on it until the response and download comes.

I think awareness of this cycle is croosh (slang for crucial).

To take this computering reference even further, with all that’s going on in the world recently we are forced to “reset”. But beyond the reset, it’s a whole other thing to delete files, delete folders, and even “wipe” the hard drive.

I am not saying we need to induce amnesia, but I am saying some of the systems we are running are outdated. It doesn’t always work to install an upgrade on top of an old program. You have to install the new stuff on a clean drive. This will also make lots of room for new downloads.