Oct 12 2019


So you know that your thoughts can effect your cells. This is why the placebo effect works. If you believe a fake pill is going to cure a disease in your body, it does.

Thoughts effect our gene expression and inside our genes are DNA. We know that our DNA can store like trillions of bits of info. This could be why creating a reality shift feels time consuming. We have to purge our DNA and / or reprogram it.

Microsoft is making computers with synthetic DNA because it can store so much data. Silicon chips are just not gonna cut it in the future. This is crazy to me considering artificial intelligence, etc.

This is a true story too, a dude at IBM figured out how to store data on quartz crystals. Quartz is made of silicon, he invented the hard drives we are using right now. This was the beginning of Silicon Valley. Eventually, he realized that he didn’t need a computer interface to program a crystal. He just needed his mind.

Marcel Vogel quit IBM and started playing with crystals and cutting them into different shapes and using them for therapeutic purposes.

The point is that science figured out how to program crystals and now program DNA, but we were born with the ability already because of our thoughts, beliefs, habits, etc. We forget sometimes.

Oct 10 2019


A prequel for yesterday’s post. Accept everything. Accept responsibility. Accept reality as it is now, realize the things that need to change, then change them.

We live in a whiny culture, people complain about everything. It’s useless and draining. We are all guilty of it. No more complaining, judging, talking, etc. Only action.

Oct 08 2019


Literally like 2 days ago I started doing affirmations. Today, at the self operated coin car wash I put $5 in the change machine and it spit out over $100 in coins.

I looked around, there were no attendees. I looked around, no other customers noticed that this change machine is now a slot machine and I just won.

There were no phone numbers to call on the machine so I figured these coins are mine now. That’s their bad for a broken machine. Right?

Also today, I got paid on a job that for sure I thought wouldn’t pay for at least a couple more weeks.

Is it the affirmations? Or is it random? I’m gonna say it’s the affirmations.

I’ve read about them and never tried them, they didn’t appeal to me for some reason. Although the idea that we can influence our subconscious mind by way of our conscious mind is very real to me. As it is our subconscious mind that is running this projection called reality.

Anyways, I read some new things about affirmations that resonated and changed my mind.

First, switch them to 3rd person. Then align them to your goals while affirming the action of the goal. This makes it more truthful, more meaningful, and more actionable. Write them down if you have to and run them through your head all day.

For example saying, “I make a million dollars per month,” it doesn’t feel legit therefore becomes negligible. But something like, “Ray is committed to making a million dollars per month,” sounds more flowy because it reinforces the action of commitment. Also when using it in 3rd person, it’s like a command to the subconscious. Or a new paradigm for an identity shift.

Write them in your own words and make them particular to you. (The million dollars example is just an example and not my real one, or ones. I’m running like 10 of them at the moment.)

This last part is the most important part, that is to confirm it when your reality starts shifting. You find a penny on the ground, you get a synchronicity about an opportunity or whatever, use that as confirmation that the affirmations are now working. Confirm it, log it, lock it in. This seals the deal.

This confirmation is the attitude of gratitude and that attitude will bring change. More updates on this later.

Oct 07 2019


You know about narcissism. There’s 2 sides to it. One side is the side you know about “overt” narcissism. Loud mouth flexing selfish cocky asshole. But the other side is called “covert” narcissism.

I came across an article talking about shyness is NOT nice. People will disguise their covert narcissism as being a sensitive introvert. It’s like passive aggressive narcissism.

I do think there are people who just can’t talk to people and are riddled with anxiety, that’s real. But the manipulation of a narcissist is about reassurance of self importance.

Like an overt might say, “I’m the shit.” Hoping you will agree and proceed to tell them how rad they are. And the covert might say, “I’m a piece of shit.” Hoping you will disagree and proceed to tell them how rad they are.

We have all experienced both sides of this. Either as the giver or receiver. It’s especially complicated in the age of social media and entrepreneurship. It stems from a fragile sense of self and that’s what I’m getting at.

We don’t need empowerment from other people. If we dig deep, we’ll realize we have an infinite well of it buried inside ourselves.

Oct 06 2019

Airplane Mode

File this one in the “life hack” category. I started putting my phone on airplane mode while I’m working on stuff. Then I bumped it up to when I’m out running, when I’m out shooting, skating, swimming, etc. Now I plan to use airplane mode an hour before sleep, while sleeping, and probs till at least 11am.

Maybe you do this already. And obviously this won’t fit all lifestyles like if you have kids or your job requires you to be connected 24/7.

Here are my findings. Your brain becomes less reactive and more proactive. You train yourself off those notification dopamine hits, your train yourself off reacting to all day short term stimulus. Now your brain can focus on the task at hand and be more engaged and productive.

I have wrote about how we have billions of options with a decision to make every second. This is called living consciously when you purposely make those decisions. By going airplane mode, you are less distracted and can better make decisions.

One example is, I read in a book, to pause before you are about to eat something and ask yourself, “Is this poison or medicine?”

That’s a harsh example and something I struggle with. But most of the time we are running around without these moments of pause that can be useful.

Oct 05 2019


This is personal but thought I’d share. I been having a hard time with my goals but today some switch got flipped.

Setting monthly monetary goals has just been kinda blah for me. It means trying to sell more books per month and that translates to me feeling spammy. I tried to re-frame it by saying things like inspire more people per month or connect with more photography people per month, but that hasn’t been super motivating either.

The plan has been to publish once a month. The math isn’t right though. Which is why I think I have been dragging my feet about it and pursuing more freelance work. But today I thought if we do more than 12 issues per year, then the math works out.

The idea of making a volume goal instead of a monetary goal works better for me. It’s motivating. I don’t even know if I can do it, but it won’t kill me to try. I think it will be fun.

I started running again. Trying to lose 15 lbs or more. Having an ideal weight goal isn’t getting me anywhere, but having a goal of 3 laps a day around the nearby park is.

I guess the take away is that we have to write our own goals in our own language sorta tricking our minds to co-operate and have crystal clarity on what works for yourself.

Oct 04 2019


Another paradox but this one I am calling a false paradox.

The idea is that you should operate at a place of “enough”, meaning that you have all that you need at your disposal and that you should happy and grateful that you even woke up today.

The paradox is that when you work it out in your brain it seems to go against striving for more or going for goals. Like if you are fine with where you are at, then why make any changes at all.

The reason why it is a false paradox though, or a non argument, is because you didn’t make your best work from a place of thirsty desperation to hit a goal.

You made your best work from a place of creativity and inspiration and you continue to do so. That should be the “enough”. It’s a re-frame. It is also faith that your own creativity and inspiration can influence your circumstances in a positive way.

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

Oct 03 2019


I am a late bloomer. I am new to the game of pre-loading in advance. I have to do it for this site, but am realizing I should be doing it for everything.

Obvious example is bills. I was never a save for a rainy day guy, I am a enjoy the sun while it’s here spend everything guy. That’s changing though. I like to travel light weight, but I see the wisdom of squirreling away a stock pile.

Not so obvious example is energetically. We have cycles of rest and work, there’s also cycles of creativity and productivity, motivation, physical activity, etc. And I am talking about warehousing that stuff when it’s available.

Oct 02 2019


In skateboarding when your going down hill too fast, your balance starts over compensating in both directions and you get the speed wobbles. I think it’s a matter of your bushings, wheels, bearings, ankles, tendons, calves, etc aren’t used to going this fast and just not ready. Sometimes you can hang on and make it through, other times you eat shit real bad.

Where in your life do you catch wobbles? I’m catching them now trying to update this blog every day. Is it worth it? Yes.

I was driving while shooting this photo. You can see wobbles in it.

Oct 02 2019


I have a friend, who just turned 50, that is scared to go in the ocean past his knees because he thinks a shark will violently murder him. What are you scared of?

I have a fear of being sick, like real sick stuck in the hospital for months kind of sick.

Not afraid to die. I am afraid of dying with debt, that would be regretful. People have done me a lot of favors and I hope to return these favors before I go.

Just make sure to throw my dead body into the mouth of a live volcano.

Sep 30 2019


No limits. We know we are capable of extremes, but even just defining that extreme could be limiting.

I think the Navy Seals are the guys who make you do push ups until your tired, then after that is when they start counting. They know that you always have 40% left in the tank. Like you might feel all the way done, but secretly unbeknownst to you, you’re maybe only half done.

I have some friend’s that have painted themselves into a corner and not sure how to get out. This happens to me all the time. It’s natural to plot a way out, strategize, get help. But sometimes you have to go less logical and hypothetical and go deep beast mode. And now we know that when you’re done, you’re actually not.

Ok in order to not be so vague, I skipped posting yesterday. Not on purpose, but because I had a lot going on. One idea is to write like 5 posts in advance so there is always a cushion in case some days get hectic. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but it’s not strategy it’s extra push ups at the end of the day.

Sep 28 2019


Every second we have at least 1 billion options in front of us. Every second we are making a choice. Some decisions may seem to be more important than other decisions, but one can argue that each one of them are equally important.