Apr 25 2021

New Helmet

I started doing some night time rides. People drive like shit so I bought a helmet.

I am obsessed with zombies these days, not sure why. This is a shot from Season 1 Episode 1 of my new favorite show, The Walking Dead.

Godzilla Vs. King Kong was just ok to me, B-/C+.

Human dookie.

Mar 16 2021


Not sure if anyone noticing, but I have been cropping 4×5. I started doing it because it is the IG vertical crop and I decided I like it alot so I started doing it on my horizontal pics too. I haven’t been sure why I like it so much.

Today I realized it is the same ratio as 8×10. When you’re in the darkroom, your main paper size is 8×10. And since I was in the darkroom for many years, this ratio/crop factor must be nostalgia. I’ll take it. And I’ll rep it.