Jul 24 2021

Path Finder

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac

This path that we have found ourselves on, this trail that we have unknowingly blazed, happens to be open for others to follow or add on to or just to be sparked by. Sparked to find their own path and do the same for more.

Realize that just being yourself and on your own path is enough to break the matrix.

Jul 18 2021


When we are on a good one, how do we go faster and further and for longer?

When we are on a bad one, how do we wipe-out safely?

Can it be so simple? Yes.

There are infinity waves. Enjoy the rides.

Jul 16 2021

El Farolito

When I moved to San Francisco it happened to be across the street from a Mexican restaurant called, “El Farolito.” Years later I moved down the street like 8 or 10 blocks and guess what, another “El Farolito” across the street.

It wasn’t till way after the fact that I noticed their logo was a lighthouse, “El Farolito” must translate to “the little lighthouse.”

I was thinking today about how each of our thoughts feelings and behaviors ripple out into the world and bounce back eventually like an echo. (I’m in Echo Park right now, see how my brain works.)

We see the reflection when someone catches even the slightest nugget of a thought feeling or behavior from us. Good or bad. Light or dark.

Might as well be light is what I am trying to say. Might as well be the lighthouse. Might as well be in support of others as sooner or later the reflection will bounce back and be in support of you.

You are El Farolito. For better or for worse. Let’s be for the better.

Jun 13 2021


“The magic is in the work,” another saying I heard on an NBA broadcast. The big time buzzer beaters and big time dunks in the big time moments are a result of practice on a daily basis. Practice counts. Preparation counts. Attention to the details counts.

I tried to convey this idea multiple times on people’s podcasts, but I always screwed it up. I say something like, “It’s not about shooting good or bad photos, it’s just about shooting”. Then it reverts to them asking, “Well how do you choose the cover?” and then I get defensive and flounder and say something like, “The covers don’t matter.” And then I’m the weirdo.

I should’ve said something more about how photographers should be practicing their technique and skill and talent everyday so when those big time moments do come, they/we are ready for them.

Jun 05 2021


Obviously we don’t want everyone to look the same, dress the same, act the same, listen to the same music, etc. We need variety. Yet still we get presented with people places and things that can be overwhelmingly irritating.

At first I thought that maybe we are presented with this crazy contrast simply to make choices and gravitate one way or the other. When we know what we want, then we know where we are going. We need direction.

But now I think that is just the first half of it. The second half is appreciating that we have the choice at all. This appreciation of the entire spectrum of our choices past present and future is the shadow work. From here we can appreciate the choices of others and then appreciate and experience oneness.

I know we live in a reality of duality. Chaos and order, contrast and similarity, wholeness and fragmentation, light and dark, etc. But we can take a time out to appreciate the game, even just for a minute at least.

May 26 2021


When we can honor and respect everything in our past then we can honor and respect this now moment which then is to honor and respect the potentiality of all possible futures.

Not only on an individual level but planetary wide and galactic levels too. Meaning, we have lots of work to do honoring and respecting all decisions ever made in the past, present, and future by ourselves, other humans, and/or otherwise.

Easier said than done, mastery of reality is mastery of self.

May 17 2021


These days nothing happens quick enough. If I have to wait in line, I don’t want it. Impatience is at all time high. I need everything and I need it instantly.

We forget we had junior high before we had high school. We forget that there are levels to clear before the next one is available. We forget that the development of this level is what is actually forming the foundations of the next level.

Today’s glass ceiling is tomorrow’s marble floors. Today’s resistance is tomorrow’s support.

May 16 2021


Let it be. Let you be. Be free.

Firstly, accepting the world as is leads to you accepting yourself as is. Secondly, accepting yourself as is activates a higher level of awareness which leads to a new sense of freedom and purpose. I think this freedom and purpose leads to responsibility which leads to expansion. This expansion is change and when we change, we change the world.

May 14 2021


Another one from the NBA. Can’t help myself.

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” – Pat Riley

May 12 2021


“Everybody wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to die,” another quote from Charles Barkley. I know I mention the NBA probs too much but I learn a lot from it. Charles is talking about how every player wants to win a championship, but not every player wants to do the hard work like rebounding, playing defense, diving for loose balls, etc.

It resonates because old habits die hard. When trying to level up you find out that you have to release unlock unleash un-useful and un-usable old feelings thoughts beliefs and behaviors. It’s not easy. But it’s not impossible.

May 10 2021


These past couple days feels like a Rocky training montage. I didn’t workout but I made a new weekly schedule that includes working out. I moved some furniture. I threw some stuff away. Cool story.

Remember at the end of Rocky 4 he says, “If I can change and he can change, we can all change.” Thinking about how I get into making certain changes and can’t get find people to cruise with. Like getting healthy is one obvious example. No one wants to hear about blue green algae or spirulina.

You can’t change a person, but you can change the world.

And in reverse: change your world, change your life. By “world” I mostly mean environment.

May 09 2021


Make a plan for more peace. Make a strategy for more gratitude. Make a goal for more light.

Apr 23 2021


The other day Kevin Durant, one of the best players in NBA today said, “It’s not about championships, it’s about developing my game.”

Of course everyone called BS on that because he famously left a losing team to go to a winning team.

After all that though, I feel him. I think he was being real.

I have an audio book app called Audible and Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” popped up in an ad. The first sentence in the description was a review quote along the lines of, “It was never about winning, it was about understanding.”

This is sort of the same sentiment. In the grand scheme of things, greater understanding leads to greater flow. And greater flow is related to greater purpose, which is far beyond a win or a loss.