Oct 22 2017


The other day I made a goal for myself to publish 1 BILLION pages through Hamburger Eyes. I never made any goals for Hamburger Eyes before. I mean we had have kickstarters and fundraisers to make a certain amount to pay bills, but I’m talking big long term goals. I always just thought, “I like making zines.”

But after playing around with some numbers, 1 BILLION pages, which will take minimum 50 years, doesn’t seem that hard to me. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is nice to have a goal. Not a really a goal goal, just a deep mission. 

I kind of started this blog to help organize my photos but realizing it can help organize my thoughts too LOL. Stay tuned for more spazzy posting.

The above photo Tobin wearing a usb drive on a camera strap I made.

Sep 29 2017


I had to go to NYC for the annual art book fair. I didn’t know I could get so many of my friends to come with. And I didn’t know I would see so many people I knew out there too. It was fun.

We had planned to meet up somewhere in Brooklyn but ran into each other at the airport.

Long story short, our Airbnb didn’t work out so we got a hotel. And we never once woke up on time for the free breakfast.


Set up. I was psyched to sell camera straps.

I was psyched Tiff hooked up a strap to her phone. I told her it would ruin her case the way she did it though. And it did.


Feeling these guys outfits. I was thinking those hats must be like at least $400. And they all have them.

2 free credits when I walked up.

I didn’t even see Jesse the next day. He said he barfed all over his Airbnb in the morn and showed up an hour late to the fair. I saw his coworker and she said he didn’t shower and was looking like shit so she sent him home. Lol.

We stayed up really late every night. I am not sure how I was able to function as a salesman every day for all day but I did it.

The Fotomat.

Casey made some rad zines.

This little girl made a cool sign for our table (said sign not pictured). I traded her some stickers, pins, and a camera strap.

Drea’s tattoo.

Working top secretly on a collaboration with Later Dudes called Larry Dudes.


Michelle made a rad Winona zine.

Cool hat.



Snow Monkey was in town too.



We had a photo show at The General. I was feeling myself with all these ladies.

Justin’s Krueger tatt. One time I went to Palm Springs to visit Monkey when he was living there. He had to go to work so he pointed us to a cougar bar. We got there and it was like 70 yr old cougars, we called them Kruegers.

Greg and Andrea.



Casey and Kenny.

Kenny was faaadded.

Julia, BB, and Sarah.



Gabe’s special editions came with shanks that he made!

Andrea, Xara, and Monica.

Kevin Spacey at Joe’s Pizza.

Michelle and Monkey.

Jimmie, Victor, BB, and some photo bombers.

Mike and Tet.










Kappy made this and ate it.

Our bartender took a selfie after she took our picture.

I was supposed to leave in morning, but these dudes had 1 more day. They started talking about renting motorcycles, Mike and BB have licenses. But when they switched the talk to scooters and Monkey said he was down, there was no way I was gonna miss it. Spent all my money to change my flight and book a scooter and it was on.

They pick up and deliver scooters to the hotel. It was nice to be a tourist for once. Usually when I come to NY I am on the locals times and spaces.

This aura photo lady was really on point. She gave each of us a potent reading. She also said we were all very tired.

Photo shoot happening.

But we had our own photo shoot. Thanks Rebekah and Laura. We had a good dinner.

Monkey had never been to Times Square before.

After we dropped off scooters we stayed out late. Monkey and BB somehow didn’t even make it back to the hotel until 15 mins before check out.

The next morning at IHOP was rough, waiting for Uber to the airport.

Hotels and scooters only for next time. I’m excited about it already.

Sep 29 2017


Half day in LA. Tobin has a new rice ball spot by his house that is super good. I think balled up food is my favorite like rice balls, aracini balls, empanadas, pork buns, etc.

Eleanor is so nice. Ooga Booga.

Fred at the Burgerlords HQ.

Mike came to town. We went to the beach a lot.

He asked if I wanted to see a dead rat. I said sure.

Kilo and Gunner.

Sep 28 2017


Monkey came to town. I still live in San Diego.

I saw it.

I drove up to LA one night to meet Mayumi and Kazuma visiting from Tokyo.

But back to SD because the Semples rented a house in Leucadia.

Bea is my favorite.

Sep 27 2017


Dave’s bday. It’s feels crazy when your little brother turns 40.

They got a bouncy house with a hoop in it. Dunks all day. Here’s my 5ft tall sister going for it.

I still go to the beach alot. I swim and read books. Sometimes boogie board. 

Sep 04 2017


SF again for the SF Art Book Fair. Quick busy trip.

Sep 04 2017


Remember that Danny Devito and Arnie movie where Arnie gets pregnant? So good.

These came out rad. I wrote a fake story about how a frozen object was found in the 1800s, no one knew what it was until the 1980s when this camera was invented. People emailed me saying they couldn’t find the story on the internet anywhere, I’m like duh I made it up.

Mike broke both his wrists. Koby drew the dagger.

Sep 02 2017


My favorite thing is going straight dummie in the streets of SF. I was fortunate to celebrate 3 times the Giants winning the MLB World Series and now 2 times the Warriors becoming the NBA World Champs. If you pay attention to NBA, you’ll know that the Warriors are positioned to win it at least 5 more times. So get ready for lots more.

Aug 19 2017


After Japan, I landed in LA for one night. Then SD for 1 night, then up to SF for a weekend to catch the Warriors win the NBA Finals. On the way I stopped in Santa Monica where Dennis was house-sitting to scoop up Kappy to bring with me.

Straight to the bar with Tony.

It happened to be Laura’s Bday. She might be the tallest girl I ever met.

I quickly fell in love with her friend.

Ended up at a party where a pack of girls took all their clothes off and I shot some of the best photos I have shot in a long time. Not because they were naked, but because the lighting was cool and I didn’t use flash. And it was fun. I asked them in a DM if I could use a couple of the photos in a zine and one of them expressed a huge, “Please don’t.” So, too bad.

I showed this photo to Kappy and he said, “You can have that one.”

Lots of gearing up before the game.

Kristen collects these Mickey Mouse rings.

A tree broke.

Human dookie.


The Mission bus is like being in outerspace.

Krista and Michelle. I’ll make a separate post for the World Champs street party.



People texted me these while I was there.

This is Kappy on the night of the celebration eating walking and raging. Photo by Troy.

See what I’m saying ?? Photo by Sulli.

Stefan got this one. Lots of pre-gaming all over the city.

Sarah sent me this, her Uncle caught it and they ate it.

Michelle and Krista. Love them, some “wya” photos.