Sep 02 2017


My favorite thing is going straight dummie in the streets of SF. I was fortunate to celebrate 3 times the Giants winning the MLB World Series and now 2 times the Warriors becoming the NBA World Champs. If you pay attention to NBA, you’ll know that the Warriors are positioned to win it at least 5 more times. So get ready for lots more.

Aug 09 2017


I had a great time in Japan. It was my first trip there and I am already trying to book another flight for October, I just need more Japan. Dennis quoted Anthony Bourdain, “There is only life before Tokyo and life after Tokyo.” Or something along those lines. I felt it, I am feeling it.

I spent a week in Tokyo and a week in Yokohama. “Hakbushin” is a raccoon cat looking thing with a long tail. I saw one. I didn’t see the raccoon dog though, “Tanuki”. I couldn’t even find any of those little drunk Tanuki statues with the big long balls, I looked everywhere.

We had an art show. We played video games. We got free clothes. Ate super good food and drank super good sake.

I was thinking it was going to be a big task editing down photos for this Japan post, which is why I have been lagging. But since I already made 3 zines with photos from the trip, I figure I can just highlight stuff from the zines. Too much info, I know. Here you go..

Mar 01 2017


Hamburger Eyes collaboration board with OTHERNESS. It’s got full bleed top and bottom graphics packaged with a zine.

This is what it looks like gripped. It’s a biggie. 9″ wide and hella long. It needs 149s and 57mm wheels at least I think. But then risers too. Working on it. I will let you know the right setup when I get there.

It was rad going to the factory to pick up the boards. Turns out I already knew the owners from high school days.

Nov 15 2016



Really proud of this book. Chris and Matt wrote this super long form essay about Hamburger Eyes that sums of everything awesomely well. The book has scans of back issues and photos from the latest issues. It was published by Roma Publications on occasion of our exhibit in Germany at Kunstverein Munchen. You should buy it.

Oct 28 2015



Remember in Batman Begins how it’s all about this poisonous blue flower, this photo is when Batman sprays the poison in the Scarecrow’s face and he starts hallucinating. This is what Batman looked like to him. I could’ve got a better photo of it. And then the whole city starts hallucinating all crazy and I didn’t get any good ones. Sometimes I feel like finding these movies or downloading or whatever so I can re-do it and get better photos. But too lazy to go through all that for screenshot.

Oct 26 2015



Cover of California Nights No. 5. Met this guy at a random karaoke place around 4am. He showed us photos of his gun collection on his iPad. Looks like he was part of a rebellion back in his homeland. Not only guns, but rockets and grenades too. He was way chill though.