Feb 17 2022


Refresh for peace. Rest for love, relax for understanding. Sleep for gratitude and joy.

I think we are in a restoration phase. Like maybe the pandemic was a demolition phase. Maybe not.

Not saying don’t do shit, I’m saying find the time to find the vibe.

Feb 15 2022


What you are seeking is also seeking you.

In rest, summons it. In relaxation, allow it. In reset, arrival.

Feb 07 2022


Yesterday’s post reminded me of another conversation with another friend. I said that so far this year I have been purposefully selfish with my time, lots of stuff I wanna work on and finish. I said that I have been turning down invites. She said that I have JOMO, “Joy Of Missing Out.”

She’s right, I do have it. And I love it. I can’t wait to be invited to something and not show up. Just kidding, but some social obligations are getting veto-ed much quicker than before that’s for sure.

Either by old age or by pandemic, we have been forced to sort out what’s important. I appreciate it.

Feb 06 2022


I have a friend who enjoys NOT being chill. Last night she was saying how she has never been described as chill and most of the time she can’t wait to pop off. “I wish I could be chill, but God has other plans.” She was being funny but in this little rant there was actual chillness.

She has embraced her own individuality in these weird pandemic days of herd mentality and separatism, isolation and chaos.

May we all honor and embrace ourselves as is, as was, and as will ever be.