Jan 26 2022


Release all heavier older stinky moldy outdated and expired thoughts feelings and behaviors. Unleash all the beasts, they no longer need your nurturing care and support nor your blood sweat and tears. Not for time or space, but for gravity. Be lighter. Be light.

Jan 23 2022


Not much “doing” these days. Only “being”. The vibe has been reset and refreshed. You have left the mainland and now reside on an island. It is paradise. You are paradise.

Jan 22 2022


Enjoy the ride.
Without judgement. Without expectation.
With wonderment. With gratitude.

Jan 13 2022


I am mostly a glass is half full type of guy. But, I am also a grass is always greener type of guy. (We are humans and we contradict ourselves.) I know everyone’s grass is totally different and I know other people’s grass should be none of my business yet I still look at mine, then look at theirs, then look back at mine. Or when not specifically comparing, I’m looking at my grass and thinking better grass must exist somewhere else, just not here.

I’m wrong. We’re wrong. The best grass is our own grass because we grew it. There can be no better grass. It may need some work. It may need a miracle, but no other grass at whatever vibrance of green will ever satiate or fulfill us.

To each his own. Her own. They own.

Honor and respect to all grass near and far, past present and future.