Apr 25 2021

New Helmet

I started doing some night time rides. People drive like shit so I bought a helmet.

I am obsessed with zombies these days, not sure why. This is a shot from Season 1 Episode 1 of my new favorite show, The Walking Dead.

Godzilla Vs. King Kong was just ok to me, B-/C+.

Human dookie.

Apr 23 2021


The other day Kevin Durant, one of the best players in NBA today said, “It’s not about championships, it’s about developing my game.”

Of course everyone called BS on that because he famously left a losing team to go to a winning team.

After all that though, I feel him. I think he was being real.

I have an audio book app called Audible and Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” popped up in an ad. The first sentence in the description was a review quote along the lines of, “It was never about winning, it was about understanding.”

This is sort of the same sentiment. In the grand scheme of things, greater understanding leads to greater flow. And greater flow is related to greater purpose, which is far beyond a win or a loss.

Apr 18 2021


Have you ever heard of the term “healing crisis”? It’s basically when you start to detox your body and then your body starts doing weird things. Since I got kinda chubby during quarantine, this year I started making smoothies and eating better. Normal sounding.

Jan was fine, Feb was fine. In March I started noticing awesome weight loss, but my body started reacting. One week it was zits. The next week it was muscle cramps. Then the following weeks it was either headaches or breathing problems or psycho pooping or insomnia, etc. And it continues.

It seems not normal but I know it is. I know it is all for the better. Reversing all this damage is not going to happen overnight. This thought helps me keep it moving forward.

I think all the craziness last year kicked off a deep detox process of the entire planet. We may not have initiated it, yet we still became the initiates. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, culturally, galactically, etc. And it continues.

Hope all is well with you all. I haven’t written anything in a while but the vibe is coming back. More to come.