Oct 15 2020


Think about when your driving and someone jams themselves into your lane without a turn signal. You’re pissed because it could’ve killed you. This actually happens all day every day, the action itself is only a fraction of a second. Sometimes it doesn’t even register at all, and other times we drag that moment out and make it last an hour or even longer by marinating in those feelings.

In reverse, think about how when your focused on something fun and in the flow, the hours fly by. I’m saying time is somehow connected to the emotional body. If that’s the case then maybe time isn’t a measurement but a body of energy itself.

I used to want to steal time. Like take it from one area of my life and add it to another area. But now I think we have to find the right time to make time.

Time hunting. In the right moment, we can make more time by stretching it. Then it will multiply. Stretch time by being in the flow, bring more specific energy to the moment and more moments will come to that specific energy.

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