Oct 28 2020


You be as is you become. You become as is you be. Now is as then and then as is now. Then is not yet here, only is now. Thus all is now.

Oct 15 2020


Think about when your driving and someone jams themselves into your lane without a turn signal. You’re pissed because it could’ve killed you. The action itself is only a fraction of a second but sometimes we drag that moment out and make it last an hour or even longer by marinating in those feelings.

In reverse, think about when your focused and deep into some creative work and the hours fly by and it’s super fun. I’m saying time is somehow connected to the emotional body. If that’s the case then maybe time isn’t a measurement but a body of energy itself.

I used to want to steal time. Like take it from one area of my life and add it to another area. But now I think we just have to find the right time to make more time.

Time hunting. We find the exact right moment and try to multiply that moment by being in the flow. We bring a particular flow energy to that moment and then it unfolds and quadruples.

Maybe that exact right moment is this exact moment right now.

Oct 14 2020


This year has been nuts and it’s not over and continues to be nuts. You have been forced to make some decisions, some easy some not so easy. Either way, you have now crossed the Rubicon. It is past the point of no return. Soon the page will turn and a new chapter begins. Let it happen. This is evolution, not just for you, for the entire planet.

Oct 04 2020


When studying this self mastery stuff you come across the terms “scarcity” vs “abundance”. These are terms to describe the polarity of our different mindsets. The idea is that if you have problems you are most likely in a scarcity belief system and you need to move into an abundance belief system.

In seems in actuality though, not so simple or linear. It is more like “survive” mode vs “prosper” mode. The idea is to break this cycle and just be free, only living in prosper mode.

In prosper mode, we are free and creative and everything we need will come to us. That means that “faith” is a part of it, so then “scarcity” vs “abundance” becomes “fear” vs “faith”.

People associate the word “faith” with organized religion, but it is much more than that. I have fear of dropping in on a waves 6ft or bigger. That is because I don’t yet have “faith” in my surfing, swimming, and holding my breath that long. But this can be overcome with practice and experience. (The opposite of fear is faith. Not love as most people think. My love for surfing won’t save me from drowning, but faith in my practice of surfing maybe can.)

That being said, we cannot exactly say “practice = abundance”. This is how we built a messed up system. If I went to college for whatever subject, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be automatically good at said subject.

Enter the term “alignment”. This blog should be renamed “Ray’s Alignments”. Not that I am there yet or anywhere close, but most of the writing on this blog is about alignment of the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body. I think when we get these bodies all on the same page, anything is possible. And being secured into that realm of possibility is the main nugget on the path to breaking the cycle and living in “prosperity”.

This is the concept that sparked this blog and I think I just needed to re-visit and see how I got here. Thanks for rolling with.

Oct 01 2020


We don’t need a hero or heros right now. We don’t need leaders or problem solvers. Maybe the world does, I’m talking about me and you, we don’t need that right now. We need ushers. We need ushers to usher in a new era.

We are the ushers. As ushers, we show our guests to their seats. Our guests are new and improved thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Their seats are this planet. We have to act fast. And remember that we are not the bouncer, we are the usher.

I say that because you can’t fight fire with fire. But you can change an environment so much in a way in which that a fire cannot get started, therefore cannot exist.