Jun 21 2020


We are now at the timeline convergence. You could say every moment is a convergence of timelines but in this case we are talking as a collective, as a society, as a planet. Our vibration will lead us to a particular timeline. Therefore we must be intentional with our vibration.

We will want to choose safety and security. We will want to choose comfort. It’s because it’s what we are taught. But this is a vibration of scarcity and of fear and it is what has got us in this mess we are in right now.

The “founders” of our country lead us with fear and disguise it as “freedom”, but real freedom isn’t worried about what the other guy is doing, real freedom isn’t about control or power. Real freedom isn’t about winning or losing.

Real freedom is free. That free-ness is infinite and unconditional. In this free-ness we find more than enough for everyone. This is the correct choice. This is correct vibration.

Jun 18 2020


More than one person reached out to see what’s up with the blog since I haven’t posted in a while. Thanks and I’m ok.

Our lives have changed forever and I needed a time out to take notice. For me, it’s been difficult for proper thinking these days, mostly just been feeling. Feeling everything. Feeling everyone. I have been spending time out on these streets shooting and standing and marching and talking and sharing with people.

I experience the shit end of racism, prejudice, and discrimination on a regular basis. I am just used it, somehow it has just became normal. But it’s not normal. It’s anti-normal. It’s anti-human. And just like everyone else, I am hungry for change.

The quarantine has us looking at ourselves as individuals and the murder of George Floyd has us looking at ourselves as a collective. If you are fatigued, so am I and it’s ok to take a break. And if you are confused, it’s about the prosperity of the human race. For us to prosper, we have to hold accountable those that are preventing it. Specifically racist white people, cops, and politicians.

I say it like that because even after all that has happened, some people still don’t really get it to be quite honest. Or people get caught up in the politics and lose sight and become unclear where they are supposed to be.

There are many battle fronts to choose from. Street level, gov’t level, global level, galactic level. Choose your mission, choose your weapons, choose your coordinates, have purpose and take action. We need you. We need you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.