May 30 2020


There are people that need your support. You should support them in any way that you can. We won’t be free till we are all free.

May 29 2020


My Grandfather would say, “Let them fight,” when my brother, sister, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, and myself were fighting. “It’s what makes the world go around,” he would add. He liked to blurt out head scratching things, but always with a wisdom that I knew I would eventually understand.

He might’ve been talking about polarity and how we use it to generate flow of energy. We go from one end to the other end in a cycle creating friction and speed like stirring a pot.

Stirring the pot mixes ingredients from one side to side, but it also brings up old stuff from the bottom. Old stagnant stale stuff that comes to the surface in order to be removed. Like racism.

This is over though. We are on an accelerated path moving from polarity consciousness to unity consciousness.

We have moved from the “growing and evolving” era to the “delete file” and “create new file” era.

All kinds of fear energies are coming up and out in order to be deleted, burnt off, phased out.

Fear has made many people very sick, so sick that they are murdering other people for no reason. There is tons of work to do on an individual level and on a group level, but awareness is half the battle. We have to pay attention. We have to do our part. We have to look out for each other.

May 28 2020


From the spiritual perspective that we are all one collective entity, racism is like a sickness in the body. It’s been there forever and it’s been out of control for 400 years or so and it’s time to fix it otherwise we die. We will die as a species if we don’t address this.

This is part of the shadow work as a collective. Shadow work is not macro, it is micro. And since this sickness is systemic, we gotta go micro.

Our individual daily actions steer the direction of the collective. We are going in the wrong direction. WE HAVE TO COURSE CORRECT. Hold yourself accountable and the people around you will begin to do the same. Treat people as you would like to be treated and the people around you will begin to do the same. Listen and you will be heard. See and you will be seen.

Hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior towards others, participate in creating higher standards of behavior towards others in all aspects of society and culture, especially at the levels of those who are supposed to “SERVE AND PROTECT” us.

May 27 2020


We can all use some love right now. Not love from another person or a place or a thing. Self love. Honor yourself. Honor your talents and gifts. Honor your ability to affect the lives of those around you in a particular and personal and inspirational way. Honor your ability to make things happen. Honor your ability to rest.

Honor your mistakes/lessons. Honor your full range of emotions. Honor your human-ness. Honor your time. Honor your gratitude. Honor your solid states. Honor your flow states.

May 25 2020


It’s ok, be ok. Just as the planet is sorting out what it no longer needs, so are our bodies and our minds and our relationships and our behaviors and more.

Make no mistake, we are changed. We have no choice but to ride along with it. So far the road has been bumpy and we are finding out that most of us have brought way too much unnecessary luggage. That’s ok. Sort it out and keep it moving. Then rest. Rest a lot.

May 24 2020


We’re not trying to ignore the bad stuff or sweep it under the rug. We are trying to make peace with it so we can move forward. No more crying over spilt milk, just clean it up and keep it moving.

May 23 2020


Swim in the oceans and rivers, play in the mountains and trees. Nature is calling. Enjoy.

May 22 2020

In the Ups

Everything happens in cycles, you know this. And we are having a bunch of ups and downs these days. But if you are really keeping score and tracking where we’re at, you will see that there are more ups than downs. We are in the ups.

When we are in the ups is a good time to share and spread the ups and be grateful and not worry so much about the inevitable next part of the cycle.

May 21 2020


“When?” or “How?” The brain asks questions.

“Right now.” The heart makes moves.

We are going through an unprecedented time which will require unprecedented action as well as unprecedented levels of peace, love, and understanding.

Today is the day. Today is the day to create. Not to fight, because we will lose. We cannot win a fight with reality, we can only create a new one.

May 20 2020


Sometimes we gotta listen to our bodies and sometimes we gotta listen to our hearts too. Our brains may have a lot of opinions, but sometimes opinions won’t get the job done.

May 16 2020

Ultimate Green Light

In NBA basketball commentators will describe a player as having the “ultimate green light”. This means he is so good that the coach, the team mates, the fans, etc will not question anything he does on the court. He could totally screw up and there is no need for forgiveness because there was no accusation of wrong doing in the first place.

In life, we are often waiting for our green light. We are waiting for a perfect combination of luck and sequences of events to happen before we give ourselves permission to live how we want to live.

We don’t need permission and we don’t need to wait till later. The ultimate green light has been turned on for us earlier today. This is not about right and wrong because you already know those things, this is about flow of the game. Today is your day. Tonight is your night. You got the sauce.

May 14 2020


Not sure where you are and how you are. On my end there are friends and family who have jobs, careers, businesses, relationships, health statuses, living situations, and more that have changed permanently and dramatically and won’t be able to recover back to how it was before quarantine.

If we can, we have to be there for them. Be there for yourself first, then go to where you are needed. Activate. Then blaze a new trail to freedom and safety for everyone.

May 13 2020


Many things you are releasing and many things you are receiving. Go easy on yourself as it has been a weird and wild road with many more miles ahead. Everything is changing not only on the individual level but as a society and culture as well. Relax into the process, relax into the flow. Rest when you need to. Rest a lot. Have patience. Let creativity emerge.