Apr 30 2020


Lose the unnecessary baggage, lose the unnecessary weight. Be lighter. Be light. Let go and be free. Be friends. Have friends. Have lots of friends.

Apr 29 2020

Moving Day

We can move now. Move on to the next level. I was always trying to sneak in but didn’t know how. Turns out permission was never needed. Access was, is, and will be forever granted. Others have tried to tell us we are not allowed, these are all lies from a bunch of liars. We have paid good money for these lies, we have paid good money to not to find out for ourselves.

We have been tricked to “do” something, bribed with hopes to “be” something. Those days are over. Turns out we were already, are already, and will “be” already. We are not “doings”, we are “beings”. This knowing is our access code. All we gotta know is that we just gotta “be”. Be ourselves. To the max.

Enjoy being yourself. Warts and all. In each and every moment. Enjoy others enjoying being themselves. Warts and all. In each and every moment.

Apr 28 2020


See about it, feel about it, then be about it.

See free, feel free, then be free.

Apr 27 2020


Deep deep deep within you is a river. Find the river. In that river you will find new allies. You will know them as unconditional peace, unconditional love, and unconditional understanding. Use this new alliance to look after your family and friends and all those around you. Stay close.

Brace for bumpy roads ahead. Brace for what is happening with the economy. Brace for hardship. And then brace for paradise. The sky will clear, it will be beautiful, and all will be chill.

Apr 26 2020


To need something is only to need it. To want something is only to want it. To have something is to actually have it. What will you be having?

I notice I do this and maybe everyone does this. We try to define what we want by listing the things we don’t want.

Imagine being at a deli. What you want is a BLT. When they ask you want you want you say, “Definitely not egg salad or I’ll die.” or, “Turkey? What I am supposed to do with turkey? I fucking quit.” or, “If you put meatballs on there, I will probs just move back in with my parents.”

While we are complaining, we are simultaneously making a sub conscious list of what we don’t want in hopes to sort out what we do want. We cannot hand over a multi page list of what NOT to put on the sandwich and expect that whoever is reading it will figure it out. That is ordering our food backwards, so of course the order gets messed up and of course no onions comes out as extra onions. We end up with more of what we don’t want. That’s when we become reactive instead of proactive.

We need to carefully figure out exactly what we want. Bonus points if it is aligned and purposeful. Then imagine the thoughts feelings and actions that go with it. Next will come ideas and the where when and how. Sooner or later, your order fulfilled. Leave a tip.

Apr 25 2020

Perfect Sections

This roller coaster is exhilarating. The deepest valleys help create the greatest peaks. The greatest peaks help create the steepest banks. The steepest banks help create the fastest speeds. The fastest speeds help create the loop the loops, the upside downs, the big swings, and the big drops.

Some say we came here for this. Some say we came to experience every perfect section of this perfect ride. Some say we are meant to master it. Some say we have already.

Some say this is a metaphor for our range and experience with emotion. Some say the better understanding we have of our own emotions, the higher our own emotional intelligence. Some say just like our mental and physical health, we must take serious our emotional health.

Some say that we as a species, in this particular time, now know enough about the mental, physical, and emotional. Some say the spiritual must be next.

Some say it’s been already next and we already on to the cosmic consciousness collective level of awareness. Some say we come from the 12th dimension. Some say we are re-connecting to it not only spiritually, but emotionally, physically, and mentally as well. What do you say?

Apr 24 2020


** When I go in to meditation, I see if I can relax and just be open to any ideas, questions, answers, suggestions, comments, etc about my life in general. If you’ve been reading this blog, probs pretty obvious. I get mostly messages of peace and wisdom, sometimes just for me and sometimes for the whole planet. Sometimes I get so much that I have to take a bunch of notes. Most of these blog posts are just me riffing off 1 or 2 sentences from these notes. But now I am thinking of posting the whole notes because a lot is coming in these days and may be useful to someone. Let’s try it. **

This is what came in today : Let love win. Do not block love. Let love through. Let love fill in the cracks. Pay attention and have patience. We are just at the beginning of this roller coaster ride. Know that it is all about change for the better. Look out for each other.

Realize purpose. Realize paradise.

Do not fear. Have faith and trust. Have peace love and understanding. Understand that there are nefarious characters and puppet masters causing worldwide power shifts and power struggles. Understand your own power. Understand what is no longer acceptable and understand your power to influence change. Understand having love while governing your own well being. Understand that having power does not require taking it from another. Understand real power is from expansion of awareness. Understand that all things are expanding or contracting, growing or shrinking. Understand that we are growing. Understand that we are in a cycle. Understand patience. Understand patience for one another. Understand that this is a dawning of a new day.

Apr 22 2020


I think we are all feeling the squeeze lately. We wouldn’t be if we couldn’t handle it. Pressure makes diamonds. It is the time of diamonds.

Apr 20 2020


Use reality to influence purpose. Use purpose to influence action. Use action to influence thoughts. Use thoughts to influence feelings. Use feelings to influence vibration. Use vibration to influence reality.

Apr 19 2020


Do not dismiss your position. Do not dismiss your opportunity. Do not dismiss your talent. Do not dismiss your individuality.