Mar 30 2020


I’m not exactly sure but I think we are around the 3rd week of quarantine here in LA. I always have stuff to work on and even gave myself a bunch of projects in the last week or so. But the past few days I’m bored. I can’t seem to focus on anything work, art, books, movies, etc.

It’s impatience.

I think we can help cure impatience with acceptance. We have to accept that we are stuck in quarantine for at least another month or 2. We have to accept that after the virus, the economy is next in line to do damage. We have to accept that life as we know it may have just changed forever. We have to accept that people around us each have their own ways of dealing with change.

I think though that through acceptance comes appreciation for potentiality.

Last week, I wanted to distract myself with projects, “getting” the most out of time.

This week, accepting reality as it is and appreciating what could be, thus “giving” the most to time.

Very subtle and microscopic shift but noticeable.

Mar 25 2020


“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” – Rumi

Mar 23 2020


You know that animals sense fear guess what humans do too. Some humans prey on fear. So, we have become masters at hiding our fears by burying them deep within. We build electrified fences and thick walls around them, complete with barbed wire and armed guards and pitbulls and sharks. We have been practicing this our whole lives.

We think we are building these boundaries for self-preservation but what we are really building is a storage unit, holding these fears as hostages.

I am proposing that we storm this fortress and rescue the hostages. I think these crazy times are calling for it. We no longer have use for this system. It is no longer needed for survival.

We are now smart enough and brave enough and being asked and even required to face our fears. Yet the simple awareness and acknowledgment of these fears will set them free.

Let’s become masters of digging up what we once buried, re-mastering these fears and letting them go.

Mar 22 2020


We are all Gods. Honor each other as Gods. Speak to each other as Gods.

Mar 22 2020


As I said in the last post, now’s the perfect time to sort out all your stuff. I think a lot about the choices we make and why.

I think we are learning to take action from a place of inspiration rather than obligation.

Mar 20 2020


Most of us rely on people, places, or things to power us up in different ways and most of the time we don’t even really think about it. But now’s a good time to check all the wires, untangle, replace, or remove.

Probably remove all of them is what I think.

The truth is we don’t need those sources of power. We were born with a connection to unconditional and infinite power, we just didn’t know about it.

Yes as humans we need other humans. And as Earthlings we need to roam the Earth. And as a capitalist society we need to buy things. But, once we realize we don’t need anything or anyone or any place to validate or secure us, then we can be free of all the wires and entanglements.

We can actually become the source of power for ourselves, our friends and family, and our Earth. We need only to receive the free power, then we can give it away just as freely. But not until we’re free.

Mar 18 2020


I will admit a couple days ago I was a bit stressed. Mostly about my brother, who I live with, getting me sick. I have no problem staying home, but I think he does. He was pretty much like, “I’m still going out, sorry not sorry.” He went to bars, coffee shops, and restaurants after everything on the news told us to stay home to not spread the virus. But after a day I was like, “Just don’t get me sick.” And now that everything is closed, I’m not too worried anymore.

A day after that he went to go quarantine with a girl he is seeing and I got our place to myself for a few days. That made me feel better. My immune system is compromised. I can’t afford to get sick. So I got to meditating.

Here’s the vibe I’m getting. First, if I believe my body is weak, it will be weak. Second, this is from an energetic stand point, the is a time for a mass cleansing. Like when you are deep cleaning your house and moving furniture, you will find a bunch of weird stuff under the couch and it has to come out.

Humanity has been hyper polarized. What better way to unite people than with a common threat. And what better way for everyone to look within by being forced to stay inside. This is about evolution, living intentionally and proactively versus reactively. We are creating a new reality.

I am not trying to under estimate the virus. I know people are sick and dying. And I am not saying someone did this on purpose to teach us a lesson. Though obviously someone screwed up and the virus got out. I am saying as a species, we will learn a lot from this. And we will probably get through it quicker the quicker we learn.

It’s peace love and understanding right now. Judgement criticism and hate will get us nowhere as we already know and have been shown again and again.

Mar 10 2020


“If you wish to make an apple from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” – Carl Sagan