Jan 21 2020


We have all done this. I still do it sometimes. I set in my mind an ideal mate. Almost instantly as I meet a single girl a checklist runs off in my head. Proceed? Nah? Either way the moment is now spoiled and she has run off.

I think this applies to all aspects of life. We are married to potential outcomes. We need to have a divorce. This is why we have running shoes but don’t go running. We are married to this ideal of perfect health, we think about it too much and by the time it’s go time we don’t wanna do shit. We discouraged ourselves on accident. This is where procrastination and laziness are born.

Since we know that health is really more about lifestyle change then we can let go of “perfection.” It becomes about effort and that’s when things start to happen. Same for money. Same for relationships.

This doesn’t mean ditch goals, I think it means hitting goals is a balance of effort and enjoying the moment by letting go. I think this is why so many business people preach failure. “Fail quick.” They can’t wait for you to fail. Sure, it is about learning from results and not having fear, but now I see that it’s also about freeing yourself from limitations of your own mind.

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