Jan 29 2020


I think the main message gets lost sometimes when speaking about spirituality topics. The main message is that we are all here trying to do our best and enjoy our time while here. If we can appreciate that, then we can appreciate each other in all our shared struggles and victories.

It’s a heavy time in LA right now with the news of Kobe’s death. He has his faults as we all do, some much worse than others, sure. Sometimes we are villains and sometimes we are heroes, but all the time we are humans and life can be very short.

Jan 22 2020


Still thinking about this idea of detachment a lot. Detachment, allowing, and flow versus resistance, blocks, and entanglements.

We know about letting go of baggage from the past, but the idea of letting go of the future is interesting. It’s not so much about the question of future plans maybe being the wrong plans. It’s more about letting the future unfold in a way greater than you could have imagined. Sure you have your effort and goals and habits, but now you have more freedom to your flow. And less stress.

From a 5th dimensional point of view, if we cut off the back end of our timeline and then cut off the front end, we are now just a dot. As a dot we can hop on any other potential timeline we choose and then keep hopping if we want. There really are no limits.

Jan 21 2020


We have all done this. We plan something, we think it will go one way and it doesn’t.

We got are married to a potential outcome. I am saying we need to have a divorce with any and all potential outcomes.

This is why we have running shoes but don’t go running. We married the perfect potential of the shoes, when we should have married the behaviors and lifestyles of being healthy. Then we can let go of “perfection.”

Same for money. Same for relationships.

This doesn’t mean ditch goals, I think it means that hitting goals is a balance of effort and enjoying the moment by letting go of what we think should happen. I think it also shows just how limited our minds can be.

Jan 14 2020


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

I think I already posted this quote more than once but my ideas have since changed about it. When I first read this, I related to it as the gap between present moment and a goal or a desired particular future. Then naturally, you zoom out by changing your level of thinking/awareness/consciousness and try to look at the problem from multiple angles.

Nowadays, I think that’s only part of it. Yes you have to zoom out and explore perspectives from above, but more importantly, you have to zoom in. Way in. Past your attitudes and actions, past your thoughts and feelings, and into the subconscious.

Jan 09 2020


A lot of books talk about mirrors. How our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality. There is a cycle that we can analyze. We see the mirror, assess it, and then have a feeling about it. We see the estimate of a car repair, we check our bank balance, then frustration occurs. Or, we stand on a scale, realize we’re 15 lbs heavier than last year, then frustration again.

This is where we then take action. We can’t change the mirror, so we make sure there’s emergency money in the bank, adopt a new healthier lifestyle, etc. We are making adjustments according to the info in the mirror. This is our natural understanding of it and how we go about our daily business.

Let’s label it up like this. See the mirror – have thoughts, react to the mirror – have feelings, attempt to change the image in the mirror – take action. Ready, aim , fire.

The real change is to switch up the cycle. Have the feeling first, take action, then have the thought. This is proactive rather than reactive. Aim, fire, ready. This is why there are so many books on being in this now moment, focus, habits, affirmations, etc. It is about micro managing and optimizing what you are feeling at all times.

If you really start “feeling” as a healthy person would (even though you are not yet), you start “being” that person and adopt the lifestyle. This makes real change stick. It is an identity shift. Actions of eating better and exercise begin to occur naturally. Over time you notice it.

Rather than you adjusting to the reflection of the mirror as before, the reflection of the mirror has now adjusted to you. The only thought therefore is gratitude and eagerness for more.

We cannot win a war against reality, we can only create a new reality.

Jan 07 2020


Not sure about you guys but I’m trying to have a productive year this year. Sure there is something to be said about this hustle culture we are in and the idea of having to be productive all the time and how that is causing more stress and fragility in society. But I subscribe to the idea that we can have whatever we want doing whatever we want, which I think means that stress factors would be minimal if you are actually doing whatever you want and making a decent living.

I was just thinking about how we all have goals, we all want to be healthy and prosperous and have awesome relationships. We are all winning at some things and losing at other things. What makes it so easy for some and harder for others?

I think it’s systems. I mentioned it before and will probably keep mentioning them. Our behavioral systems and belief systems need to be re-programmed and optimized. Thoughts, feelings, actions. Focus, discipline, habits. Communications, efforts, etc. Easier said than done. But I think even a 1 percent improvement in any of these areas will go a long way. Our daily mission should be these 1 percents. Maybe gives a new meaning to the phrase “1 percenters”. Let’s get busy. Here’s to a new you in 2020.