Nov 30 2019


Ok when a superhero movie makes a billion dollars you think about bigtime action, bigtime special effects, super powers fantasies, the hero archetype, etc. Easy to understand the mainstream appeal.

What about the Joker movie clearing a billion? This is a dark movie about a dark villain. Why did so many people “enjoy” it? Many reasons and I’m sure many other blogs are breaking it down frame by frame.

The movie hits on a lot of things and mental health was a big one. I think that while we all have fantasies we also have truths. The world is changing rapidly and all issues are being forced to be addressed in order for us to evolve, both as individuals and as a society.

I think this is what resonates the most for me about the film. A little bit wake up call, a little bit empathy, but mostly evolution vs de-evolution.

For every new Tesla purchased, there’s another homeless tent set up on the street. For every new phone technology, there’s another new prescription drug to get addicted to. Etc. Sure you could argue “balance” of nature. I wanna argue for leveling up beyond duality.

Nov 25 2019


We’ve mentioned anchors before. These anchors that tie you down to your current timeline prohibiting any kind of movement. We usually speak of them as an old thing holding you back. A past event or circumstance that you are dragging along with you but guess what you can have future anchors too. Or anchors in other future timelines that are holding you back.

Think about it. You have an future you have been working towards, suddenly that idea doesn’t feel right so you change course. This new path is way better in every way yet something is slowing you down. You haven’t fully let go of that other thing, even though it doesn’t even exist.

It’s not so much about letting go. It’s about not getting anchored in the first place. It’s about releasing attachment to a desired outcome. This doesn’t mean don’t try, it means being in the moment and trusting yourself. This is the flow state.

Nov 21 2019


It’s all forks. I’m talking about the forks in the road. Every millisecond we have life changing decisions to make from over 1 trillion different options.

I thought the correct way was to reverse engineer a desired outcome and choose the path that would get you there quickest or funnest or both. I was wrong. Turns out I’m not even driving. None of us is.

Auto pilot is driving. When it’s time to make a decision no matter how big or small, auto pilot chooses the answer based on stored data. That data is made up of beliefs and stories from life experience, not just our own but others experiences too.

When we end up in a place that we don’t want to be, it’s because our auto pilot took us there. This is the alert to re-calibrate the auto pilot. Auto pilot is our subconscious mind.

We can optimize our subconsciousness with our regular consciousness and/or our cosmic consciousness.

Purposeful behaviors (thoughts, feelings, actions) can influence the auto pilot by giving it new data to work with. Meditation grants access to other multiple levels of a larger database where new maps and info can be downloaded and used by our auto pilot.

Nov 19 2019


The open road ahead is sometimes hard to see and confusing because it actually doesn’t exist yet. Today every thought, feeling, and action paves the road for tomorrow.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “live for today” or that “tomorrow isn’t promised”, I think it means that living consciously today will make for a more expansive tomorrow.

I also don’t think it means that we have to micro manage today’s activities. Discipline is in play here sure, but I think focusing on this now moment takes the sting out of worry or anxiety about the future.

Nov 18 2019


Ying yang symbol, checkboards, pie charts etc are all different ways to change perspective and simplify things like the contrast of extreme opposites and all the levels and gradients of everything in between. Not so easy when trying to apply this to time and dimensions and different systems that govern reality or even reality itself.

The more you zoom out, the more you realize you should be zooming in. And then vice versa. If you go beyond it, you notice this action of zooming in and zooming out at the same time is the shape of the universe.

This shape, known as the toroid, also happens to be the shape of all energy fields including your own.

If from this beyond perspective we can see that reality is a giant doughnut of swirling energy, then we can easily see infinite more doughnuts. These infinite doughnuts are infinite realities. This perspective is beyond time and space and beyond belief. From here all thoughts are valid and all thoughts are fully realized, yet all that is realized is illusion.

These illusions show us where truth is, it points to our beingness in this now moment is all the truth we need.

Nov 11 2019


Not what it was, not what it is, not even what it will be. Who was, who is, and who will you be is the space. And space is the place.

Nov 06 2019


Become the allowers. Allow others to be as they are and you will in turn allow yourself to be who you are.

This isn’t about catering to or letting people walk all over you. This is about diversity and how it makes the world go round. To go against it is to push against reality. We can’t win a war with reality, we can only create new ones.

Nov 05 2019

How To

How to operate with bi-locational or multi-locational awareness (consciousness)?

This is the question. I think the answer is that our modern day mind will never completely understand, while our body knew since birth and our spirit knew since infinity.